How to Damage Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Landing in Fortnite

Another Challenge of Season 6 in Fortnite where all players have to damage the opponents within the 10 seconds of their landing.
How to Damage Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Landing

Fortnite has been on a rise ever since they have started curating weekly challenges for gamers. As Fortnite Season 6 enters the eighth week of its weekly challenges, all we can say is that they are the favourite of the gamers. 

With high-level quests and easy to solve strategies, they are taking over every other game in the league right now. There are brand new challenges that can be tricky and tough to solve but will keep you gripping to your seat. One such challenge is damaging the opponent within ten seconds of landing. Now, it seems to be giving the players a tough time completing this, but it has an easy way around like every other quest in this exceptional game.

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People who have started playing the weekly challenges will probably find this one particular challenge a little tougher than the rest. A lot of them were stuck, but it isn’t as tricky as it seems. By following a proper guide and steps, and using certain short tricks and weaponry, you can take any challenge in this rogue Fortnite. You will have fun and a great time completing those.

How to Damage Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Landing

The first step to any challenge in Fortnite is to land in the correct area on the Fortnite map. In this as well, the players are supposed to land in a popular area on the Fortnite map so that you have enough people around you to choose someone and damage them. Places like a pleasant park and lazy lake are a good spot to master this challenge and win. 

Regardless of whatever location you choose, you have to point out your adversary before landing, and as soon as you hit the ground make sure you have your target set and ready. Landing in a place that is crowded can create chaos, and you will have a higher chance of survival with a confused set of people.

As mentioned, keep your opponent in sight and as soon as you touch down the ground, take your Fortnite harvesting weapons and start hitting the opponent. Make sure to be close to your target so that you don’t waste considerable time running to them. Not only will this waste time but also alert them, and your efforts can go in vain. So, land and start hitting ferociously and try to maximize the damage.

You don’t have to worry about continuously hitting your opponent because one or two melee strikes will be enough to damage your target. It will lead to the completion of the task, and you will receive your rewards. Once you are done with the challenge, you will get an indication and receive 24000 XPs which will be great for your royale pass. More XPs mean you can have more harvesting tools and level up your weapons and items. You can buy your favourite stuff, and keep it in your chest. The challenge is easy and won’t take up a lot of your time.

After you have completed the “damage opponent within 10 seconds of landing” challenge, you can move forward with other challenges to increase your XP. Another such quest is collecting research books from Holly Hedges and pleasant park, where you have to find 8 books. Other than this, you can move to the pizza pit and complete the firefly challenge. There are newer and better challenges that will make you visit the Guardian towers, and there are 6 of these. These towers cover the locations like Pleasant Park, Weeping Woods, and Colossal Crops, and it will be a fun and easy way to spend some time on the game.

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