Fortnite: How to Get the Mythic Spire Jump Boots

In Season 6 Chapter 2, players have to get the Mythic Spire Jump Boots in Fortnite to safely land on the ground.

In Fortnite if you are happy enough to glide down the heights only then it is rather easy to do so. However, gaining heights is not that easy. That is where Mythic Spire Jump Boots in Fortnite come to the rescue. If you are also looking for these boots then you are at the right place. In this post we are going to help you in getting these boots. Here is How to get Mythic Spire Jump Boots in Fortnite.

There are numerous new features added to the Fortnite Season 6. These jump boots are one of the best additions, arguably. They are also thus the most desirable among the lot. When you are equipped with these, you can jump off the ground by up to two times as compared to a regular jump. Initially you jump just like a regular jump then you bounce two more times to reach twice the height of your regular jump. After you bounce off the second time you can actually deploy your glider and thus can cover big distances in a matter of moments. Otherwise, if you had to cover those swaths of ground then it will take eons to do so. However, if you are willing to get boots then you have to complete a quest for that.

How to get Mythic Spire Jump Boots Fortnite

You will need a Guardian Orb to get the boots from the six mini Spires which you might have seen popping around in the island. These spires are where the boots are housed and they are guarded by the computer controlled Guardians.

You can make you way to any of these places and there you try to find the Guardian. The Guardians are not too difficult to defeat. All they have extra with them are some tricky moves and slightly more health as compared to the normal players and you can defeat them in a matter of minutes.

Once you have defeated the Guardian then you will see that it has dropped the Orb for you. You can pick it up but you can’t stash it in your inventory just like other rewards. Slightly tricky at that, eh! What you can do is that you can physically carry it over your head. What that means is that you have to replace your gun with this orb and whenever any opponent comes you need to drop the Orb to defend yourself.

You can find a faint haze emanating from it while you are carrying the orb which you can follow to get yourself to the nearest mini spire. Once you get to the spire you can then deposit the Guardian Orb. A few seconds later the spire will provide you a fresh pair of Mythic Spire Jump Boots which you can use for yourself to gain new grounds.


These boots can give you a clear advantage. With this you can cover lots distances in a very short time. Hope you enjoyed this post and hope we were informative to you. Thank you for paying a visit to our content. Do come back for more. Till then happy Gaming.

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