Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing In 2023?

Should you buy the Fortnite Save the World to get some new addons in the Fortnite? Let's find out whether it is worth buying in 2021.
is fortnite save the world worth it

Fortnite is a multiplayer game that has always been at the top of the gaming league. They have had several different versions, which give a wide variety of options for the players to choose from and invest their time in playing. By being one of the biggest games, it has over a million players registered to its database.

The games in Fortnite have a similar setup where the players have been landed on an island and then scattered around where they fight and complete missions to survive. Fortnite has this thing where the map on which the players are supposed to play shrinks every minute and gets the other players closer to each other to fight themselves.

You have to be the last person standing in this battle royale game. Fortnite allows the gamers to win and then get the exclusive offer to own a battle royale pass, allowing them to purchase new items and weapons and get their hands on the latest skins.


Fortnite: Save the world is one such battle royal game that doesn’t provide a battle pass to its players. You have to purchase it, and this is what makes it different from the other versions. Since this game’s premium version is paid and unique, the game is quite forgotten by the players. The setup of this game revolves around how the players are dropped to an island, and you will be divided into groups of 4. You have to survive against zombies who have wiped out half of the population. This game is in the PvE mode and was originally released on 25th July 2017. There have been continuous developments in the game to make it better and more functional.

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth Playing
Fornite: Save the World

The characters which the players can choose are called “heroes,” and they have four other classes to play with, which are known as soldier, constructor, ninja, and outlander. Players get a set of their abilities and perks depending upon which class and character they have chosen. In addition, there are interesting gadgets and weapons which one can include in its build. Finally, Stonewood, plankton, canny valley, and twine peaks are different zones that we can see and play in as we progress in the game. 

Best Features Of Fortnite: Save The World

While this game remains fairly underrated, some of the amazing features it beholds and often gets overseen. Some of them are:


The gunplay and the creative aspect of building your builds or infrastructure in Fortnite: Save the world is way better and developed than any other version of Fortnite. This is an exclusive feature that the battle royale could never get, and it makes it unique. You get vBucks rewards by completing missions and quests, and the best part about this game is that you can use these credits in the battle royale version. This provides a great way to earn these for free, unlike in the other versions of Fortnite. 


Fortnite: Save the world supports cross-play gaming and doesn’t charge more or extra on any other platform you choose to play on. You can purchase the game once and then play it on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and other consoles. This makes the community more robust and engaging as you can connect with more and more people.


One of the best ways to get more and more vBucks is the login rewards available in Fortnite: Save the world is abundant. Once you log in, you will get around 150-800 vBucks which are very helpful in purchasing the right skins, weapons, and other cosmetics. You also get loot llama through the weekly quests and new vBucks.


The loot llamas and other rewards are handed out in a fortnight: save the world like crazy. There is no other game where you will receive loot this way in such an excess amount, and these are very beneficial. There are quality-of-life systems available to save the world that don’t require you to fill your collection of books, duplicate heroes, survivors, defenders, and you get more and more XP. 


Since the content and features save the world, the price log is relatively low. You get the best version of Fortnite and on all platforms at just 12.99 pounds. 


You can play any random match, customize your team, and jump into any ongoing quests according to the chosen filter. This makes the process of grouping and playing fairly easy. Moreover, you can share your progress with the players, and you get to play with the best of the players from across the world.


The visuals and aesthetic Fortnite owns are something no other game can copy and present. Fortnite remains at the top of its physical aspects, the best and the liveliest looking game with exceptional design and effects.


The best part about saving the world is that the cosmetics and items you receive and collect here can be reused in the battle royale, and this gives great support when it comes to forming your collection.


Save the world has cut scenes and interactions between characters that are quite engaging and funny. Humor is their strong point where they go around making fun of the ludicrous and tough missions they have to complete. This keeps the audience entertained throughout and makes the gamers come back for more.


The bulk crafting and recycling which the game possesses is one of the best features of Fortnite. In addition, you can level up your characters and the classes you play in, which makes it a fun and interesting game.

Changes In Fortnite: Save The World

The game has now been launched in only the premium version, and it will keep getting developed, and the players who have already purchased the game earlier will get certain new features that are deemed changes in the game. These are:

  1. A new hero
  2. Warning bow black bling
  3. A new “papa bear weapon schematic.”
  4. Metal team leader challenges 
  5. Access to save the world

Is Fortnite Save The World Worth it?

If you like the gameplay and you want access to more and more rewards in the game that will allow you to have a better and finer collection in the battle royale, you should go for it. Since it’s paid, there is much to think about. But if you are a hardcore gamer and you believe you can make the best out of saving the world, then go for it.

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