Where to Catch the Crimson Zero Fish in Fortnite

Fortnite: A Guide for the Location of Crimson Zero Fish
where to find crimson zero fish in fortnite season 5

The crimson zero Fish in Fortnite brings in lots of abilities along with it. You might be pondering about what is the use of fishing in Fortnite while being actively shot at.

But Crimson Zero Fish is worth that extra mile. In this post, we are going to explore the locations of Crimson Zero Fish in Fortnite and how to catch it.

Where to Locate & Catch Crimson Zero Fish

You can find it in the water bodies such as lakes or ponds in the mountainous areas of the Fortnite.  The fish ranges in sizes of 65 to 115 cm in length. 

There are a quite a few Zero Fish found swimming in Fortnite waters. To name a few, we have, Crystal Zeroes, Skull Zeroes, and Leafy Zeroes, however, we are going to describe the Crimson Zero Fish specifically. The major difference is that the Crimson Zero Fish is having a slight shade of red to it. Otherwise, there is not much of a difference in terms of what they can do for you.

It is to be noted here that there is no specific spot to find the Crimson Fish, but you can find them in the mountainous regions which has smaller water bodies in them such as lakes and ponds. You can find fish in most of the water bodies with a pro or a regular Fishing Rod, but you get more opportunities to catch rare stuff with the pro fishing rod.

If you are looking for a rare catch then either throw some explosives in a bubbling spot in a water body or use your fishing rod. Any ways you try to obtain a rare catch you need a proper fishing spot for odds of a rare catch to be in your favor. Pick up the Crimson Zero Fish if you are lucky enough to catch one and add it to your inventory.

Capabilities of the Crimson Zero fish in the game

In general, when you consume a Zero fish it restores a meagre 15 health. Also, along with that health part it grants you the abilities of Zero Point Crystal lasting 20 seconds. But is that enough for you?

If you are looking for performing quick teleporting in any direction, even while swimming, then Zero Point Power can help you. This is exactly where these Zero fishes come in handy. It is particularly helpful if you are caught in a storm or in in some one else’s crosshairs. If you are in a little hurry then as well it can help you. But then, you are not quite in the right spot for fishing if you are in some one else’s crosshairs.


Crimson Zero Fish are quite a rare catch and the capabilities can help you when you need them. So, if you find one keep it in. Don’t just throw it away. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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