Where to Find Big Chill Grenade Launcher in Fortnite

Fortnite has new content for Chapter 2 Season 5. This time players have to find and locate an exotic weapon called Big Chill Grenade Launcher.
where to find big chill grenade launcher in fortnite

On December 15th Fortnite updated its first content update in Chapter 2 Season 5. New content comes up with this patch such as holiday skins, some more cosmetics, some new NPCs, and yes, definitely new weapons. In this post, we talk about one such new weapon which is exotic and it is called the Big Chill Grenade Launcher in Fortnite. It costs a lot of Gold Bars to equip yourself with it.

To know where can you get this weapon please read on. One more new exotic weapon added to the game is the Dragon’s Breath Sniper. We talk about it in detail in some other post. For now, you can know that you need to speak to Blaze before you can equip with this weapon. Also, this weapon is a sniper rifle.

Location of The Big Chill Grenade Launcher

The following are the steps to find the weapon in Fortnite:

  • Visit the snowy mountains in the south of Catty Corner
  • Find and speak with the Snowmando Character (a new NPC)
  • Select it and purchase The Big Chill for 1,455 Gold Bars

Snowmando has been added to the list of the NPCs with the patch of season 5 in Fortnite. He is found patrolling in the snowy mountains along with his snow cones truck. You will need this weapon to ensure some kills in the Operation Snowdown event. Now to obtain it you should talk to the Snowmando and he will throw you an option to buy it for 1455 Gold Bars. Pretty costly ha? But it is worth it. It may not seem worth it although but as the season passes by ou will see that you need this weapon all the more.

Be careful while approaching this location. The reason for that is many players are attracted to this place. So, you might run into your enemies or your enemies into you. 


It is really cool that this Season 5 brings in new seasonal stuff along with it! This exotic weapon is rather a required weapon so better prepare for it from now itself. Hope we could delve out the details for the weapon that you were looking for and hope that you find it useful. Game on!

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