Fortnite: Where To Find Boomboxes In Believer Beach

In new Fortnite Challenge players have to find Boomboxes In Believer Beach.
Where To Find Boomboxes In Believer Beach

Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 is all in swing these days, with weekly challenges and legendary challenges popping up all the time. These challenges require the gamers to scour through the map in order to search for something particular or collect items that would help them level up. Since many people are doing the challenges together, the task gets tougher to do it before them and defeat them as well. All in all, the challenges EPIC games keep introducing always end up winning people’s hearts with their lovely storyline and the process to completion.

In week 3 of legendary challenges Fortnite is placing every week, this new challenge requires people to hunt down and place the boomboxes around the believer beach to complete this week’s quest. This will need you to find some of the boomboxes, which you have to locate around the island, and once you do and place them at the beach, only you will be able to move on to further quests and progress. If you want to get abducted by the mothership, this is the challenge where it will happen the most, so you will only get the best of both worlds.

The task

Doctor Slone again directs the challenge, and the whole point is that we will spy for her through these boomboxes. She has basically appointed us to get her two of these boomboxes and place them around the believer beach, which will be a means of spying for her and help her out. Once you do end up collecting a few of the boomboxes, your task won’t end there because you have to place it around the island at specific locations which will be displayed and told you about, and once you do it, you will finish this legendary quest.

Sometimes it happens that you don’t get the quest when you play Fortnite, and in such case, you can call Doctor Slone through a payphone and ask her about the task using the dialogue box, which is available where the quests are available. Once you do so, you will be directed towards completing the second stage that will require you to place some welcome signs around the pleasant park.

Location of boomboxes

There are, in total, four boomboxes that are scattered across the beach. It won’t be tough to spot them, considering they shine with a blue chroma, so it will be considerably easy to locate if you are performing the task at night. Some of the locations where they are available are:

  • There is a bus on the road, and towards the southwest of it, a boombox is located. This will be easy to get because of the quiet atmosphere there without any trouble. 
  • Towards the west of the main pier, you will see the V and E of the believer map meeting, and this is where you will find another boombox in the main strip.
  • When you go northwest of the beach, there will be another boombox located, and you have to search for sunny, and there you will see a parasol, and beside it will be where you can find the third boombox.

Where to place the boomboxes?

Once you have collected two boomboxes from any of the locations mentioned above, your next task is to place them on the believer beach. There are specifically two areas where the boomboxes could be identified, and they are either in the center of the beach or near the pool towards the northwest of the believer beach.

Center Of Believer Beach

A big stage with music playing in the center of the believer beach is easily recognized, and this is where you have to place the boombox. Towards the north of the staging area, you will see a small table with a telescope on it, and there will also be a satellite dish beside it. Place one boombox which you collected here and then move to the following location.


Towards the northeast area of the shore is where you have to place the next boombox. There will be a weird symbol on the beach when you keep walking on the sand on the coast, and there next to the character will be three chairs’ places with umbrellas overhead. Towards the right of the three beach chairs and two umbrellas, you have to place the boombox north of the pool.

Once you do these tasks, you are done with the challenge, and then you can move on to the next legendary quest. 

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