Where To Find Island Soccer Player Quests In Fortnite?

A quick guide to find and complete the Soccer Quest in Fortnite Season 6 in which you have to unlock the Neymar Jr. Skin.
how to unlock Fortnite secret Neymar Jr skin

The anticipated Neymar Jr skin has finally arrived in Fortnite, but just as their reputation precedes, you will not get anything without putting up a challenge. Similar is the case with this brand new outfit which every Fortnite and football fan has been waiting for quite a while.

For many weeks, Fortnite displayed the Brazilian player’s skin in a locked mode and made the players keep guessing when it will finally be launched. As the game is set up, players have to go around completing challenges and conquests to dawn the basic version of these outfits, and the game progresses, and they win more challenges, other accessories, and cosmetics will get unlocked. To get the Neymar Jr outfit, players will have to complete challenges by other NPC football players on the island.

Just like earlier versions of Fortnite, as soon as the player draws close to an NPC, a small speech bubble will appear with dots on it, indicating that an NPC is speaking. The players have to make conversation with these NPC’s, collect gold bars, accept and finish challenges and complete a certain number of quests to unlock the coveted battle pass skin. 

How to Unlock Neymar Jr. Skin in Fortnite

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Talk to the soccer players

As soon as you draw close to an NPC and see the speech bubble, go talk to them. It is the first challenge. Players can find soccer NPCs near Holly Hedges and simply go, and interact with them to complete the first quest. By completing this challenge, the new soccer ball emote toy and Neymar Jr banner get unlocked, and this part and these rewards are important to complete further challenges in the game. By getting this, you are one step closer to getting the whole outfit.

Complete 3 quests from island soccer player

The next part of the quest is a little tougher than the previous one but doesn’t require a lot of time as it is the usual Fortnite gameplay which the players have already mastered before coming to season 6. The second stage is to complete three quests from island soccer players. You can find the location of island soccer players from the map, which will be displayed on the screen, and complete the challenge. You can choose any quest when the island soccer player asks you to choose one as there are multiple options available. 

You can choose to either travel distance by foo or hit targets with a soccer ball toy. In the latter challenge, the ball you collected in the first part will be used. To finish this challenge, select the quest you would like to complete and repeat the whole process thrice to finish stage two. By completing stage two, the matador’s loading screen will be unlocked. The quests in stage two might or might not be related to soccer. It can be the basic gathering of materials or making eliminations which the players are already familiar with it.

Complete 5 quests from island soccer player

The last stage of this challenge is the simplest and the same as stage two. Instead of completing the quest thrice like in stage two, you have to repeat the same process five times. So basically, you have to perform the whole quest eight times. In the last challenge, you will finally unlock the Neymar Jr outfit.

After the players collect this skin, they are already ready to do more challenges to unlock the cosmetics. While collecting Neymar Jr rewards, players also get gold bars which they can use to purchase weaponry.

Fortnite season 6 is filled with amazing challenges and intriguing graphics, which one can avail of on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android devices.

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