Where To Gather Information On Raz In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6?

Let's meet Lara Croft, Tarana & Cluck to gather the information about the Raz in Fortnite Season 6 Challenge.
where to get raz information

Fortnite recently released v16.30 update in which the players have to gather information about Raz from Tarana. The update got a lot of spire challenges, and one of them happens to be this.

聽As an avid Fortnite player, you would know that Raz was never as good as he pretended to be, and in this season. They will finally reveal his intentions as everyone is already suspicious of him. Raz was one of the protagonists in the previous seasons as he made everyone decrypt information for him or sent them off to find the Last log. This new season and update require the players to talk to other characters and gather as much information as they can on Raz because apparently, he was not the knight in shining armor as portrayed before.聽

There are innumerable challenges in this version, and it tests the player鈥檚 manipulative skills and their NPC knowledge. There will be new and epic adventures, and it will be one hell of a ride. There will be new tower quests and battlefields for the players to explore, and this will probably be the best and the most engaging season with numerous turning points.

To gather information in Fortnite, the players have to talk to these characters and get out as much information as they can in a limited time to win. You have to speak to three out of these five characters and continue your adventure. The characters are:

  1. Lara Croft: A stealthy stronghold
  2. Tarana: Boney Burbs
  3. Cluck: In a house west of the lazy lake
  4. Rebirth Raven: In a house southwest of the coral castle
  5. Cobb: Risky Reels, west of colossal crops

To speak with any of these three characters, you have to devise a plan. It鈥檚 advisable to talk to the character closest to your drop-off point to save time and get as much leverage as you can.聽

  • If you are looking to find Tarana, it won鈥檛 be a problem as she is one of the most familiar and famous faces this season. If you have been playing season 6 dedicatedly, you would know she resides over the Boney Burbs, which is also the central area, so it gets easier to locate her.
  • To find Lara Croft, you have to go over the Stealthy Stronghold, which is in the northern part of the map. She is in the center of the map and keeps patrolling the area. It will be tough to go there, but in a team, you can figure that out and do it.
  • Towards the western side of the island, you will find Rebirth Raven, who resides in the sweaty sands near the coral castle. One of the best and feasible places to visit.
  • Finding Cluck could be a little difficult, but he resides in the southern part of the Spire towards the east of Weeping Woods. This cute little 25-year-old lives down at the Primal Pond.
  • Lastly, to find the very famous Cobb who鈥檚 a crossover product of the doomed experiment of farm-to-table produce and radiation, this guy lives in the Risky Reels.

While gathering information about Raz, the players need to be smart about who they gather from it. It is always advisable to get information out from Tarana, Cobb, or Cluck as they live close to each other. Cluck and Cobb make a mess when they are asked about Raz. They usually panic, and it can get on the nerves of the players. They also talk about the dark magic that surrounds the Spire to scare you.

Like any other Fortnite challenge, it鈥檚 easy to understand, but other players who are also gathered there make it difficult for you to compete. But if you are in Team Rumble, you can get over this quest and defeat Raz in the next conquest by having leverage.

The quest is simple and straightforward if it is played with decency and patience.

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