All Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: A Guide for all Anemoculus Locations
Anemoculus in Genshin Impact

If you are looking forward to leveling up your Statues of Seven in the location of Mondstadt then you can’t forgo the Anemoculus in Genshin Impact. This Anemoculi in Mondstadt is a pretty important Artefact for the upgrading of the Statues of Sevan.

By upgrading those Statues you can get valuable rewards. As Mondstadt is one region you start your game with, you might have come across the elemental orb while you were traveling. If you are looking for leveling up the statues to level 10 by collecting all the Anemoculi hidden throughout the Land of Wind then you are at the right place.

In this guide we are going to tell you all the Anemoculus locations in Genshin Impact.

All Anemoculus locations in Genshin Impact

Please avoid the gratification of collecting all the Anemoculus in a go, particularly if you are not using a map in which you can track your progress. That is so because without using a map you may start looking for the Anemoculus everywhere and with that style you might waste a lot of time.

Let us have a look at the benefits of upgrading the statues. The bunch of benefits include the Adventure EXP, increase in stamina and not only that but also Primogems. If you level up the statutes you also get to complete certain tasks in the Adventurer’s Handbook which is in turn a yet another source of great rewards.

You can check out the interactive map if you are interested in the to find and get all the Anemoculi such as the one of Genshin Impact World Map. And it is free to create an account to find out all the Anemoculi that you have already collected. Not only Anemoculus but also all other collectibles such as chests, plants, seelies and the likes.

Detecting Anemoculus in Genshin Impact

When you get close to Anemoculus while looking for it, a symbol with a diamond shape will pop up on the map and that is where you can find the orb. In Liyue, you can find the Geoculus with these diamond shaped symbols. You can craft many things with these oculi.

And you can make your search a breeze if you can craft an Anemoculus Resonance Stone while in Teyvat at any of those Elemental Crafting Bench. You can think well as what this stone can do for you. Yes, you got that right! Once activated this stone will seek out the presence of the nearby Anemoculi and the stone will also highlight all those areas where you can get the Anemoculus.


This artifact can help you out in a lot many ways. We recommend that if you are playing this game then this artifact can get you an edge pretty easily. Hope you find the post informative and thank you for taking time out to read it. We keep posting on such topics so, o come back for more. Till then Happy Gaming!

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