Best Barbara Builds Stats, Weapons, and Artifacts

Here is all you need to know about the best Barabara Build in Genshin Impact. Featuring the weapons, Artifacts, and Stats for the character.
best barbara build


If you are looking for the best build for Barbara then you have come to the right place. Barabar is one of the best Healer characters in the Genshin Impact. If you want to revive your characters faster as possible then consider including Barabara in your list. Here you will know the details for Best builds of Barbara in Genshin Impact.

Before forming a team in Genshin Impact you should know you should have a Healer in your team for a raid to be successful. Barbara is one of the best healers in the game. Not only she is a top of the line healer, but also, she can revive easily provided you max out her constellations.

The Best Barbara Build

Right now, you can have the following as the best stats, artefacts, and weapons for Barbara:

  • Stats-HP, HP+, healing Effectiveness
  • Artifacts – Scholar, and Instructor, The Exile
  • Weapons – Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, Prototype Malice

Stats for Barbara

HP is the stat with which her healing abilities scale. Therefore, you can max out her HP and make it the center of every gear that you own for Barbara. In fact, if possible, double the HP on every artifact.  

Artifacts for Barbara

  • Scholar
  • Maiden Beloved
  • The Exile

We have two glorious sets of options for Barbara. In the first place, we have a Scholar. The scholar is a good pick if more than one bow or catalyst characters are being used. If so, then you can use Scholar to boost your energy gain for all members who are using the bow and the catalyst in the entire party.

In the second place, we have the Instructor, it is a great option if the party is using more of Elemental Mastery. The reason for that is Instructor set provides bonus to Elemental Mastery.

If you are looking for still higher healing power then you can try Maiden Beloved as well. However, the Scholar and the Instructor more than sufficient for Barbara and if you want to go without this higher tier healing set you can give it a miss. You will find negligible net gain if you ran Maiden Beloved on Barbara. Nonetheless, you can experiment with all if you like.

Weapons for Barbara

  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
  • Prototype Malice

The best weapon for Barbara is ‘Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers’. The fun part about this weapon is that it is easy to find, easy to refine it to the maximum level, and easy to level up. That means it is a 3-star catalyst.

Many switch this character in to heal and after healing they switch back to some other characteristics of their choice. If you want a massive boost to the DPS of the weapon of your main character then please use ‘Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers’. It is far more effective than any other buff available for your weapon.

One another option on which you can rely is Prototype Malice. Prototype Malice is a craftable weapon. This weapon is available for forging by providing one prototype, fifty white iron chunks, and fifty crystal chunks.

With the passive shot of this weapon, you can have four energy to regenerate after using one elemental burst. The ultimate ability of this weapon can be cast time and again and thus you generate a lot of energy for your teammates.


If you are playing with Barbara then you should bring her forth in the game whenever your health is deteriorating. Heal yourself and then you can bring your other characters in the forefront. With this Barbara build you can do it all the more easily. That is the very purpose of the post and hope we could serve the purpose well.

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