Best Beidou Builds Stats, Weapons, and Artifacts

Here're the best Beidou Builds in Genshin Impact, Beidou is the most playable character in the game having excellent capabilities of fighting.
Best Beidou Builds


You can find the character Beidou on the eastern coast of Teyvat. You can find her in her ship off the coast of Teyvat. If you are lucky then it is also possible to find her from a banner. You can find the best Build for Beidou in Genshin Impact and the best use of the Beidou character in this post. 

She is invariably a DPS character. She has got the potential to be a highly valued character in the composition of any team. That is because of the fact that she is a highly enjoyable character in the game.

Before you dive in to this character you should know the Beidou’s ‘E’ capability and how it works. By tapping E you can do electro damage in front of you. And if you hold the E then it can put up a shield. The shield can absorb and not only that, but also it can throw back a powerful counter measure.

The shield is at max damage mode when it takes two hits. That is it caps at two stacks. When you do a perfect counter there is a big electric field around you.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • No hits blocked: 200% damage
  • One hit blocked: 400% damage
  • Two hits blocked: 800% damage

Read on to find the best build for Beidou.

Best Build for Beidou

The best Stats, artefacts, and weapons for Beidou are:

  • Stats: ATK%, CRIT%, CRIT DMG, ATK
  • Artifacts: Martial Artist, Gladiator’s Finale, Thundering Fury
  • Weapons: Wolf’s Gravestone, Debate Club


The stat build of Beidou is a normal DPS type. That implies you should go for more raw damage and you can do that by getting ATK% and CRIT% in your Stats. For the third and fourth slots for your Stats you can go for CRIT DMG and ATK. This will boost your Damage Per Second even more. These are four main stats you should opt for. One more thing we would like to tell you is about the scaling of Beidou. All of her moves scale with ATK, Shield being the only exception. Shield scales with HP.


The Martial Artist set is most recommended Artifact Set. It is a two-piece set and can increase your Normal Attack and Charged DMG by 15%. The four-piece one can increase Normal Attack and Charged ATK DMG by 25% for a full 8 seconds when you use your Elemental Skill. Besides Martial Artist you can try out Gladiator’s Finale as this one too is a quite potent option. You can find these options of ATK%, CRIT%, CRIT DMG, and ATK from the Hidden Palace of Zhou Artefact Domain.

Thundering Fury set is also a powerful set, particularly if you are looking for maximizing damage. The two-piece one gives a boost by 15% to Electro Damage. Whereas the four-piece one provides a boost to Electro-Charge, Overload and Superconduct by up to 40%. The Elemental Skill CD also get decreased by one second for every 0.8 Seconds. This will allow to spam her shield in smaller intervals.


  • Debate Club
  • Wolf’s Gravestone

There are many weapons available and it is a matter of your viability to opt for them. The easier one to opt for is the Debate Club. It is thee starred claymore. This weapon’s max refinement is possible just by playing the game on. Another option is Prototype Aminus, However, it is better to opt for it when its refinement rank reaches two at least.

The best in the class weapon is Wolf’s Gravestone, even Razor has the same weapon for his build. The passive sees an increase of 25% in ATK. In addition to that, the entire party’s ATK increases by 50% against enemies with less than 30 HP by a full 12 seconds, but only in about every 30 seconds.


Beidou is a nice character and it is pretty much fun to play with. In addition to that if you have the best build possible for her then the fun multiplies. Hope we could help you know the best Build for Beidou in Genshin Impact.

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