Best Characters And Artifact Sets For Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Dragonspine is a beautiful location in Genshin Impact and has got many new characters and features in recent times.
Best Characters and Artifact Sets for Dragonspine

 The chief alchemist of Mondstadt, Albedo, this place is a peaceful location. But for others like us players, it’s tragic and cursed. The frigid landscape always poses a problem in traveling here and there, and the challenges and quests are tough. You can expect to have a tough and long journey if you want to explore Dragonspine for pinewood or to uncover monstrous and deadly, mysterious mountains. 

To pass through such major terrain and the tough challenges, you must have the right characters and resources. The frosty mountains and tough enemies need real survival skills. As scary as this arena seems, you should stop once a while and admire this evil beauty because there’s nothing more breathtaking than this.

If you want to explore Dragonspine, you need to keep a few things in mind. Eat a goulash food dish so that you don’t suffer through sheer cold accumulation and stay healthy throughout. Use both the stone and light torches whenever you want to stop and take a rest. It will provide you significant light and warmth alike. Hydro characters should be avoided because you don’t want to get all frozen in this already chilly mountain space. Instead, try including geo or pyro characters for their elemental advantages as they will help you get through this risky and tough terrain with a little ease.

 They can shatter or melt the enemies without causing themselves any damage. To gain more powers, break the crimson agate, which is a red rock, and this will postpone sheer cold accumulation and light torches with a swing of a sword, or deal with pyro damage upon hitting an enemy. You need these immunities to survive here so, try getting a hold of it as soon as possible.

The characters you want to get a hold of are geo and pyro only. The pyro characters and their abilities will melt cyro enemies and helps you by providing significant heat for the torches. The geo characters will have shields to safeguard you from tougher and stronger enemies and, that’s all you want in this rough and scary terrain. They can even trigger the shatter damage to your enemies. when your enemy is frozen and you hit them with a shatter attack. It will cause extra damage and makes you stronger.

Best 5-Star Characters For Dragonspine

  1. Albedo
  2. Hu Tao
  3. Diluc
  4. Klee

Best 4-Star Characters For Dragonspine

  1. Yanfei
  2. Bennett
  3. Noelle
  4. Xinyan

These characters will build up your whole gameplay and ensure easy wins. You can combine their abilities with the amazing artifacts Genshin Impact has, and with both of them, you can become undefeatable and super strong.

Artifacts will add extra power to your already existing powerful abilities. This tough ground requires you to have a set of tools to uncover the tough spaces.

Best Artifact Sets For DragonSpine

Prayers to SpringtimeCirclet of Logos Only: All Characters1-Piece Set
Retracing BolideAll Characters2-Piece Set
Bloodstained ChivalryClaymore Characters2-Piece Set
Crimson Witch of FlamesPyro CharactersBoth 2 & 4-Piece Set
Gladiator’s FinaleClaymore Characters4-Piece Set

It is recommended to choose tools and artifacts which will match and be compatible with your character based on their talents and skills. But these artifact sets are useful in general and can make your overall process a lot easier.

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