Best Razor Builds Stats, Weapons, and Artifacts

Here is all you need to know about the best Razor Build in Genshin Impact. Featuring the best weapons, artifacts and stats for him.
Best Builds for Razor in Genshin Impact


In Genshin Impact, Razor is a quite popular DPS character. If you are looking for the best build of Razor then you have come to the right place. You can take him for a trial run, at one point, during the main storyline. You can try your hands on it then and see if you like this character. This character can easily be your team’s carry.

For a team, you should have an enabler, a pyro character, and a healer. An enabler like Fischl, a Pyro character like Xiangling, and healers such as Barbara, Jean, Qiqi, or Noelle would do just fine.

Best Build of Razor

Following is the best build for Razor:

  • Stats – ATK, ATK%, CRIT DMG, CRIT%
  • Artifacts – Gladiator’s Finale, Thundering Fury
  • Weapons – Prototype Aminus, Wolf’s Gravestone

Stats for Razor

It is quite natural to go for ATK and ATK% for a DPS carry like Razor. That is so because with ATK the abilities of razor scale up. You can easily see an increase in your DPS soar when you use ATK and ATK% stats.

Artifacts for Razor

If you are upgrading from Berserker artifacts then upgrading it to Gladiator’s Finale is one of the finest sets to pick from. This two-piece bonus can provide you with 18% more of ATK. And with the four-piece one you can have up to 35% ATK DMG. Not only that, but also you are granted Sword, Claymore, and polearm with the four-piece Gladiator’s Finale. You will require Resin for this and these drop from bosses.

Thundering Fury is another quite popular for its electro DMG buff. The two-piece Thundering Fury provides an electro DMG bonus of 15%, whereas the four piece provides 40% overload and Superconduct in the damage caused by it. You can see your cooldown of elemental skills by a second (once every .8 second) when triggering the elemental effects. This set is an upgrade to the Gladiator’s Finale and is the best-in-place end-game slot for this year.

Weapons of Razor

There are two potential weapons for Razor in the mid-game and end-game, and they are –

  • Prototype Aminus
  • Wolf’s Gravestone

The Prototype Aminusis easy to farm from any blacksmith in Mondstadt and Liyue. But for that you will require Calymore prototype, 50 chunks of iron and 50 chunks of crystal.

The Wolf’s Gravestone weapon can be found by pulling banners. You need some good luck to find banners for yourself for this weapon. This is a claymore and is popular because the wolfish passive tracker increases ATK by a full 25%. Not only that but also the entire party’s ATK gets increased by 50% for 12 seconds (for only those enemies with less than 30% HP).


Razor is a fine character but if you don’t know the best Stats, Artifacts, and Weapons then you may not get the best out of it. Hope we could get a good idea of Razor and his best build in this post for you to make the most out of Razor.

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