How to Play Genshin Impact Offline

At times your connection is not stable or due to any other reason you might be offline, or may be you just want a break. But would you be able to play the game offline?

The answer to it is in this post. In this guide we walk you through on Playing Genshin Impact offline. For many games you can keep a cache of the game installed on your PC. But does that work for this one too. To know the details read on…

No connection, no login, no service, no gaming

Well to begin with the question whether you will be able to play the game offline, the answer to that is simply a no. You can ask why, particularly if you are not playing a PvP! Then answer to that question is the reason that it is a free to play game and it requires to incentivize on you buying your stuff from Paimon and its bargains. You yourself say if you play this offline then how will you access the store and how will miHoYo will earn its revenue? 

Besides the above plain reason there are more reasons for it to be not an offline game at all. The game mechanics are such that it makes it unfeasible to play it offline. For example, daily quests and resin limits depend upon a continuous and steady connectivity. This helps to update the server in real time on your progress in the game. Without this continuous update on your progress, you wouldn’t be able to progress or may be won’t be able to register your progress at all. It is simply not designed that way.  

All the things that you see in the game are updated in the server. For example, you go in the wild and pluck some herbs for your recipes then it is not available anymore to others, it is simply gone and that has to be updated in real time. It is a little sad on your part that you can’t play it offline but the fun is in playing it online always. That is the little price you got to pay for playing this game besides the expenses that you make in the Paimon store. 


You may not be able to play this game offline, but believe us it is a lot of fun playing it the way it is, i.e., online. Hope we could satisfactorily answer your question whether and why you can’t play it offline. If you enjoyed the read do come back for more.

Murphy Wilson
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