Genshin Impact Guide to Kazuha

Kazuha looks quite smart and full of possibilities.
Who is Kazuha in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is known for its vivid and powerful characters. They keep introducing new and exciting heroes who seem intimidating and tough. There was a video recently which surfaced on the internet that revealed a new character but they didn’t give in a lot of details about him.

According to sources, this character, who looks quite energizing and new to the whole set-up goes by the name of Kazuha and has the title of a ronin. There hasn’t been any confirmation about it yet, but there were a lot of discussions and this excited the gamers. The prospect of owning and playing with a new character in Genshin Impact is always quite promising and fun.

Kazuha looks quite smart and full of possibilities. It’s assumed, that he has got powers and weapons like no one else. The youtube video was posted by a user Mirai who made Kazhua seem very compelling and strange.

Since there isn’t an official confirming these things or his release, everything is just a subject of assumption, and it’s advisable to not hope a lot from an unreleased character. Even if Kazuha doesn’t exist in the new version of Genshin Impact, Mihoyo will make sure to curate fresh and new content for the gamers, and you won’t be left unimpressed.


It’s assumed that Kazuha is a Ronin which means he owns a sword. A ronin is known to have a swift and decisive blade with them always, and their fighting skills are supposedly top-notch. It means Kazhua will be stealthy and will have swift, and crisp movements. You will be able to play very easily with him, and his soft and graceful actions are going to help a lot in winning battles and challenges. Having a title of ronin is anyways a big deal, and a sword on top of it, which will be one of the best swords, is just icing on the cake.

There is an invisible hilt on his waist into which he slid his sword. This just displays his subtlety, and the video very clearly depicts his swordsmanship skills and beautiful, intricate details. The final blow of Kazuha will be something to look forward to, and his movements and actions will be very impactful. Kazuha being a swordsman, even dress like one. His platinum long hair with orangish-reddish outfit seems very exciting and impressive. The whole ensemble is similar to a samurai so, he’s bound to display action-packed moves for sure.

Kazuha is supposedly a calm and free-spirited guy who acts freely of his own will. He will have an Anemo vision, and it is predicted that he will pull out a small leaf and blow on it in a whistling way through which he can meticulously control the wind. The wind is Kazuha’s element, and there’s so much to discover to it.

The video displays Kazuha’s emo power, and his elemental skill is displayed in the form of jumping in the air. He can hold his enemies in and then jump into the air like the previous characters of venti and xiao. When he lands, he will have a gust of wind that can pull enemies into it and leave them in a whirlpool. It can be used against a crowd of enemies and can easily combine with other characters’ abilities. This will also help a lot on rough terrain. 

His elemental and anemo skills can combine and become disastrous. If he activates his burst, there will be a wind tornado, that can suck up the surrounding enemies and his sword can slice through the wind and kill his enemies. He can infuse his burst with hydro, cyro, pyro, or electro elements to heighten the damage and can prove to be exceptionally worthy.

Kazuha is quite an anticipated character, and if he does make an appearance, it’s going to be one hell of an adventure.

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