Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Guide

Here's everything you must know about Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact, how to complete it and what are the prerequisite.
Genshin Impact Windtrace event
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Mihoyo is once again another part of the Genshin Impact event that is being conducted for 10 days from May 14th.

This event is called Windtrace. The theme of this event involves co-op along with crossplay. The players get to explore a variety of games like hide-and-seek. The players like travellers will be given a hidden agenda either as hunters or as rebels and must portray their role accordingly. This participation will be rewarding as you will be asked to collect Primogems, materials, Mora, etc. Read on to find out more about the Genshin Impact Windtrace Event in our article.聽

Event Time & Prerequisite

The Event of Windtrace Genshin Impact starts on May 14th at 10 am sharp and goes on for about 10 days i.e., 24th May 2021 till 4 am.聽

The players are required to rank above 20 to participate in the event.聽

Finding Gygax for the Windtrace Event

You can find Gygax at the entrance of the Windtrace in Mondstadt. You need to tap the Start Matching option after speaking to Gygax at the bottom of the screen. And click the accept option when the co-op pop-up window floats to participate in the event.聽

Windtrace Event Rewards

During these events, travelers get to participate in a game of Windtrace at Gygax鈥檚 and will earn the currency of the event, the wind trace coins. You can trade in these coins to get rewards like Primogems, More, materials, and more like Character XP, Event name card, etc.聽

The Wind-trace is a co-op event meaning you can customize the co-op part with the help of a matching function. You can get your hands on the Windtrace coins only when using the co-op matching function.聽

On day 1 the players can earn up to 1200 of these coins, 1800 on the day two, and so on. The value of these coins will increase exponentially. You will be able to earn up to 800 coins per day for six days in a row.聽

You can earn up to 250,000 Mora by completing all of the events subsequently. The adventures of these tasks include Detecting the rebels in the sensing area, laying bait, winning a game as a rebel, etc.聽

How to Complete Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact

The Travelers will either portray either as a Hunter or a Rebel. You can spot them in either of the following locations:

  • Small town Guerrilla War.聽
  • Winery Confrontation
  • Drifters in the Terrace Depths
  • Ghost-Fire Stream
  • Ice-Sealed Maze

Casual props can be used to hide as a rebel. It is your job as a traveller to hide from the rebels before they catch you.聽

If the rebels aren鈥檛 caught then you win the game. If the hunters catch the rebels then the game becomes theirs. There are special skills to help everyone out. The rebels use props in the same way the hunters use skills to blow up the cover of the rebels with the help of Winward Arts.聽

Along with these, the Travelers can use favors of secret, that is a glowing Orb that is present at the end of the game. When these are picked you are charged. Rebels and Hunters can use these favors. Hunters are rewarded with Insight, Intuition, and Rebel鈥檚 rewarded with Stair Step.聽

Windtrace Event Rebel Guide

The rebels need to hide out from the hunters to win the game, they make use of windward arts to do it. These skills include:

  • Lay bait: Blurs the hunter鈥檚 vision. These skills confuse the hunter and give you an ample amount of time for the hideout.聽
  • Transparency: You can vanish by using this option. It disguises you like an invisible disguise.聽

The Rebels also have a Secret Favour which is the Stair Step that increases their speed for the coming thirty seconds. You can choose your character according to you when not in disguise.聽 Do not hide near another rebel as if the hunter catches you, both the rebels will be caught. You can enter the disguised mode by pressing the E button and long-pressing E would exit the disguise button.聽

You will be able to find the props in the specific area and you can obtain some props using the skill. You can hide among certain props to confuse the Hunter. The Hunter will catch you when you move or use it as spawn in the event. The hunter鈥檚 usage of burst will blow off the Rebel鈥檚 disguise with a glowing light. Run the opposite way when the Hunter is trying to catch you.聽

Windtrace Event Hunter Guide

Hunter鈥檚 should capture the rebel within a limited amount of time. A few of the Hunters Windward art skills are:

  • Hunch of Mystery: It will lure you towards the direction of the rebels.
  • Sensor Aura: Search the area around yourself. It will give you a notification if any rebel is around the area.聽
  • Capture: If any rebel is nearby this feature will capture them.聽

The Secret Favour of the Hunter include the following:

  • Curse of Imprisonment: It binds the rebels for a short time and removes their disguise.聽
  • The intuition of the Hunter: Removes the disguise of the rebel and discharges their location on the map. Targets are marked with the light.
  • Insight: Removes the disguise of the Rebels and marks the location for a short time on the map. If there are any rebels nearby then it will be marked.聽

Mysterious Hun sight and Insight are all and the same as it can find the rebels that are present nearby the area. You can use these skills to capture one rebel at a time and not two or three at once. This ends the Gentian Impact Wind trace event guide. All these adventures help to guide you towards your end goal that is the wind trace rewards.聽

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