Where to Find Ernest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: A guide to find the Ernest
Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

You can find Earnest the outside of Dawn Winery in Mondtsadt. You can start by speaking to Sara in Mondtsadt at the Good Hunter. When you accept her quest you will get two minutes to deliver your food. When you get those two minutes you can teleport to the waypoint which is closest to the Dawn Winery.

When you reach Dawn winery you can see a purple mark hovering on top of Earnest’s head. He would be standing right in front of the main building. Don’t worry you can easily spot him. He may appear a bit startled in the beginning but he is eagerly waiting for his Fried Radish Balls to be delivered to him. When you have delivered the Balls, you would have to return to Good Hunter in Mondtsadt.

The money that you received should be handed over to Sara and in return, you will receive your reward. You will obtain a Crab, Ham, and Veggie Bake for the troubles that you have. You will also get the ten Primogems for finishing the daily commission from Sara.

That is all to earning your daily commission and it becomes a lot easier when you know the position of Earnest at Dawn Winery.

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