Where to Get Glimmering Essence in Genshin Impact

Glimmer Essence is a collection of vital energy that exudes a faint glimmer of light. Here are the Glimmering Essence locations & how to get them.
how to get glimmering essence in genshin impact

Ever since the new update rolled out to the game, players are now way more curious to explore some new perks in the Genshin Impact. The guide will show you how to get Glimmering Essence in Genshin Impact. A special event is running on the Genshin Impact where you’ll get to learn about Albedo’s store so you can get the best build and loadouts for him. Afterward, you’ll have to farm plenty of Glimmering Essence for Act II.

Glimmering Essence is a collection of vital energy that releases a faint glimmer of light. It’s one of the useful material in this event, you can exchange it for the different items in the shop as a currency.

But there’s limited time to find Glimmering Essence as its event material means this currency is even exclusive and valid for a limited time and the event is going to end on 5th January.

Locations – How to Get Glimmering Essence

So here you’ll get all locations where you can get the Glimmering Essence in the Genshin Impact. Make sure to complete the Act II story quests, once you are done you can move towards Testing Grounds events which will be held in Dragonspine.

where to get glimmering essence
Glimmering Essence

When you complete one Testing Grounds then the next one’s location will appear on the map with red and blue indicator Testing Grounds flower icons.

Testing Ground requires different numbers of enemies to be defeated in each round. Once you defeat the wave of enemies for one Testing Ground challenge you’ll get the chest to get some Glimmering Essence.

Remember that while challenging the Testing Grounds a chill snowstorm will weaken your vision and increase the sheer cold accumulation. So make sure to always stay close to the fire totem to prevent the vision limit effect and sheer cold damage. Also, enemies will try to destroy the fire totem, so you’ll have to protect it.

In the event, there is a total of 16 Testing Grounds challenges that you have to complete in order to get Glimmering Essence as well as credits to obtain the free Primogems.

You can spend the Glimmering Essence in the event shops to get some special items, weapons, and rare flowers. After 5th January when the event is closed the all event shops will also be closed so any unspent event currency (glimmering essence and so on) will be removed from your inventory. Make sure to get the most out of it before the event’s end date.

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