Where to Find Qingxin in Genshin Impact

Guide on how to get Qingxin in Genshin Impact. This is the most useful resource in the game which has many benefits. Here's where to find it.
Where to find Qingxin in Genshin Impact

This guide helps you to find Qingxin in Genshin Impact. Qingxin is Translucent flowers are the special flowers available in the world of Teyvat for harvesting. This flower helps to ascension the Xiao in Genshin Impact.

The flowers grows on the elevated areas, you can found Qingxin plants on the top of the moutains.

The main purpose of this plant is to ascension the popular character in the game which is Xiao. If you’ve unlocked Xiao then you should use the power Qingxin the ascend him.

Finding this flower could be time-consuming if you playing the main storyline but in this guide, we’ll show you the exact location where the Qingxin spawns mostly on mountains.

Where to Find Qingxin Flowers

Qingxin Locations

Follow the above map, reach out the location, the plants mostly spawn on the elevated or high ground areas. Look for the mountains if there any and you’ll see Qingxin flowers growing there.

Most probably you might have collected a few of them before if you’re playing the storyline. And if you ever been to Liyue then you have seen Qingxin there.

Qingxin Flowers Location in Genshin Impact

If you want to ascend the Xiao when comes out, then you’ve to collect a bunch of them, so you can find them in the Forest of Wild, Jueyun Karst, and Guyun Stone.

If you’re still in the need of Qingxin then you can refer to the map for more locations where you can find the Qingxin. Keep in mind that this flower grows in height of forests and high mountaintops. So if you didn’t find any look ahead for high ground and you’ll probably see some.

Hope you’ll collect lots of Qingxin and you can now ascend the character. Don’t forget to check out other Genshin Impact guides just like this one. Till then stay tuned.

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