How To Increase Adeptal Energy In Genshin Impact

Want to increase Adeptal Energy? Read this guide!
how to increase adeptal energy

Genshin Impact has recently come out with a new version and has got amazing changes and features included. This warrior game tests your fighting skills, and with each new upgrade, it manages to reach a greater high.

 Genshin Impact is one of the most successful and played games by gamers, and they keep reaching new highs always. The 1.5 update of Genshin Impact introduces housing and many minor and major changes in the game dynamics, which everyone needs to be aware of it. This new version was well-accepted and people loved it.

What is Adeptal Energy?

Genshin Impact has a realm system, and to keep a check on how well it’s gauging, you have to keep an eye out on your Adeptal Energy rank. Adeptal Energy is the total energy contained inside your realm and is stored in a Serenitea pot. Increasing your energy rank can make you one of the top players and earn great rewards. Adeptal Energy rank is quite different from the trust rank. Trust rank is about your relationship with a tubby and Adeptal Energy rank about your realm. You can view your Adeptal Energy under the trust rank hub and compare it with other gamers.

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There are exactly 10 ranks that a player can achieve in their housing system to increase their Adeptal Energy rank. they have to reach a specified Adeptal Energy within their private realm. 

These ten ranks are:

  • Bare-Bones – 0 – 4/hr
  • Humble Abode – 2000 – 8/hr
  • Cozy – 3000 – 12/hr
  • Queen-Size – 4500 – 16/hr
  • Elegant – 6000 – 20/hr
  • Exquisite – 8000 – 22/hr
  • Extraordinary – 10000 – 24/hr
  • Stately – 12000 – 26/hr
  • Luxury – 15000 – 28/hr
  • Fit for a King – 20000 – 30/hr

How to Increase Adpetal Energy in Genshin Impact

This Adeptal Energy can be increased by putting more stuff in your realm like furniture, buildings, decorations, etc. By adding items, you make your realm more developed and built. It causes your rank to increase significantly. Every item you collect and add will hold a value and will add up in the total Adeptal Energy score and thus increase your ranking.

As you increase this buying of items, your rate of collecting the realm currency will also increase. This currency can be used to purchase more blueprints of the realm from Tubby, and you can have access and a mapping plan to build more structures in your realm. Tubby is a friendly bird that lives in the serenitea pot and takes care of your home. As you jump from one bracket to another, your rank and currency increase.

In simple terms, adding more stuff to your realm increases your rank. As you start building and adding more there will be a number displayed next to a small icon of Tubby on the top right-hand corner that will display the total Adeptal Energy being generated by your realm. Trust ranks will be created by crafting new furniture and items, and with every new piece of structure, your trust rank will shoot up significantly. You have to open up the option of placing new and exciting things in your realm.

Adeptal Energy varies with the size of the items put in and built. If you craft a building, you will gain more Adeptal Energy. Each item you place in your realm will have an icon of tubby, and that’s how the interface of this game. Large items will gather more energy, and small items like stones, trees, etc. will gather less Adeptal Energy. It doesn’t depend upon the size though them. Some small items will have high energy outputs too so, make sure to have a balance of both to increase your ranking.

It can be a little tricky and confusing, but once you get a hang of it, it’s a piece of cake.

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