Genshin Impact: Lingering Malady Quest Guide

The quick walkthrough for the Genshin Impact Lingering Malady Quest.
Genshin Impact Lingering Malady Quest Guide

Here’s the quick guide on how to complete Lingering Malady in Genshin Impact by finding the posters and billboards. If you’re someone who doesn’t know what to do in this quest then this post is especially for you.

Lingering Malady is a quest in Genshin Impact that begins at adventure rank 30. In this quest, you will need to find some posters and billboards in Mondstadt. Here is how to find all the posters.

How to Complete Lingering Malady

This quest requires you to find a total of four items, including posters and billboards in different locations of the city. For doing this, you can also use the map of Mondstadt. Actually, there are four locations where you can find all the items.

Note: You must go to the roof of all these 4 locations in order to acquire those items.

In case you’re not able to get to the roof of any of these locations, then you can try to climb a skyscraper or a tall building then you can easily glide down through the stone wall to the desired roof you have to go to.

Items (Poster & Billboards) locations marked with red circle

First Location

The first location is the rooftop of the Favonius building. You can glide over the Favonius building to the next rooftop to find the poster.

Second Location

The next location where you can find a poster is on the rooftop near the blacksmith. Go towards the southeast and reach the rooftop in the blacksmith area. There you can find the second poster.

Third Location

The next poster is located on a wall in the city. One wall is near the bar, and another wall is near the crafting station in the town. So, get to this location, and there you can find the poster on the top of the wall.

Fourth Location

Now, head towards the Alchemy table crafting area. There you can find the final poster on the rooftop. So, go to the roof and get your poster.


After completing this quest, you will get 100 Adventure EXP, six Hero’s Wit, 20,000 Mora, and three pieces of Northern Smoked Chicken. If you want more Genshin Impact Guides then refer to this page you’ll find more guide over there. Share this post with your firends and till then stay tuned!

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