Where to Find Liben in Genshin Impact

Here's everything you need to know about the Liben and Marvelous Merchandise event.
Where to find Liben

Are you waiting for the Marvelous Merchandise event? Then it is god to tell you that it is coming soon to Genshin Impact. In case you missed the notice in the game then you can know that this event is going to be live from 26 October till November 12th, 2020.

But you must be at least Adventure Rank 12 or higher to be able to participate in it. If you are wondering who is this Liben in Genshin Impact then let us tell you that it is a Merchant you are required to find out during the event. Liben can help you with a chance to open a box of marvels in exchange for certain materials. 

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Read on to find out more about Liben in Genshin Impact.

Liben in Genshin Impact

Actually, it is difficult to pinpoint his whereabouts in the game right now. But we know you can find Liben at various locations in the entire Teyvay during the period of the event. There are seven separate boxes of Marvel that he has to offer in total. You can obtain any one box at a time and that too one box only once.

Marvelous merchant Event schedule is like it starts at 04:00:00, 26th October and ends at 03:59:59, 12th October. Please note here the time is “server time” you can refer to the “server times” as per the Time zones and the difference in it.

The various time zones are:

  • America: UTC-5
  • Europe: UTC+1
  • Asia: UTC+8

As a player you only have one chance per day to open the box. If you, for any reason, do not open the box in a day, then it is available till the end of the event. If you do not avail your chance to open the box then after the event you will lose your chance to get the goodies.

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