Where To Find Pine Wood in Genshin Impact

The quick guide to find and get Pine Wood in Genshin Impact. Finding the Pine wood is the new quest players have to complete by farming pine trees.
Where to Find Pine Wood in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a very famous samurai game that works upon a theme and attracts players because of its interesting quests and characters.

Many challenges require collecting specific items from across the map, and one such item is the pine wood. Pine trees are durable, have a long life, and are very common in Genshin Impact. Pine wood is an important material. If you are trying to craft furnishings for your Serenitea Pot, and this can only be done if you are on the adventure rank 35.

What Actually Pine Trees Are?

Pine trees aren鈥檛 just important in Genshin Impact but also our real life. There are certain notable features about this tree that is:

  1. The branches and silhouettes of the tree are very spiky.
  2. Even if the trees have lost the pine leaf, the Pinewood is a great and useful requirement.
  3. If the wood is white and is sprouting from two spots on the ground, It is the wrong pine tree in the game. The requirement is of the main pine tree with one trunk and dark woods.

There will be pinecodes on the ground, which you should collect so that you can cook the healing dish known as Mondstadt Hash Browns.

How To Find The Pinewood in Genshin Impact

You can find this Pinewood in Dragonspine, Mondstadt, and Wuwang Hill. The snow-covered path in dragonspine contains pine trees in abundance, and this is the perfect place if you are an adventurer from the heart. You can teleport on the top of the mountain known as Wyrmrest Valley or near the bottom, close to the snow-covered path, and go to the opposite location on the highlighted path on the map. You will find a frostarm lawachurl towards the south of the marked X so, avoid traveling there.

If you want to fight ghostly spirits and eerie fog, wuwang hill is the best. You will see a lot of pine trees as soon as you enter the hills, and this will also save you from fighting dragon bones and freezing temperatures. You will be teleported directly to the Domain of Blessing also known as the Hidden place of Zhou Formula. The wuwang hill is packed with pine trees, so the only task is to identify the right one.

Where to Get Pine Wood?

You have to collect three pieces of Pinewood, and you can do it quite simply by attacking the tree with any of your weapons. Using a polearm character will be beneficial as it will be the quickest and the strongest to do so. If you hit multiple trees at once, it won鈥檛 be of any use, and it will ultimately drop only one piece of wood. You can keep a track of the pieces being dropped or keep on hitting trees aimlessly and tirelessly until you don鈥檛 see any more wood-dropping, buy, and go ahead and collect.

How to Increase Pine Trees in Inventory

Trees will easily grow back once you hit them. So, if you are in dragonspine you will have the advantage of continuously running up and down hitting the trees with your weapon.

If you are planning to stay atop the mountain, make sure you have something that will help you bear the cold like the Goulash or a Pyro character whose ability will be a life-saver. If you want to keep collecting wood, keep running on the dragonspine path and then teleport to Wuwang hills.

Benefits of Farming Pine Trees

You can use this pine wood to build your furniture like sofa, chairs, dividing screens other than crafting your Serenitea pot. If you want to build liyue-inspired buildings, you will need pine wood too.

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