Where to Find Windwheel Aster In Genshin Impact

In this guide, you'll get the location to find the Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact. Another material used for several purposes.
how to get windwheel aster in genshin impact

There are loads of items that must be collected. These materials help in ascension or crafting and many other things. When you are well in the game then it might be necessary for you to organize your items and focus on the game and go for new items as well as the need be.

Windwheel Aster is also one such thing to farm for. In this guide, we talk about how to get Windwheel Aster In Genshin Impact.

Windwheel Aster

The Aster is an ascension material, i.e., it is required to level up your character. It can be utilized for Bennett, Sucrose, and the Main Character. If you farm these you get to run two Anemo characters getting the Elemental Resonance – Impetus Winds. Impetus Winds in turn provides the following:

  • Decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%
  • Increases Movement Speed by 10% and Shortens Skill CD by 5%

Impetuous Winds is an important quality particularly if you want to roam about more effectively without your stamina decreasing at any alarming rate. With Aster, you can go for food buffs such as A Buoyant Breeze. This buff too will decrease your stamina consumption for 30 minutes by about 25%. Another bonus item is Delicious Sticky Honey Roast. This item is also in the same lines but the time-limit for the decrease in food consumption is about 900 seconds.

WindWheel Aster Locations


Windwheel Aster can be found in mostly near The Statue of The Seven at Windrise in Monstadt. Actually, you can say it is a specialty of Monstadt. When you go out in the wild, you can find these under trees and in the Stormterror’s Lair.

Checkout the specific spawn points:


You can find a bunch of four Windwheel Aster right next to the Statue of the Seven. If you continue further south, around the river area you can find six more of the Aster. Next you can go a bit east and you get five more spawning for you.

Northeast of Dawn Winery

Here you will find around seven of the Asters scattered around but don’t worry you don’t have to move too much to gather them.

Stormterror’s Lair

There is more of the Aster in the Stormterror’s Lair. At this location a little bit movement is required to gather them all but it is worth it because you will find quite a lot Aster in here.

These three locations are where you can have a decent amount of Windwheel Aster for your game.


Hope you could find out what you were looking for. These three locations provide ample Windwheel Aster for your game and you can easily level up.

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