Where to Get Priest, Princess & Scribe Box in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: How To Find Priest, Princess, And Scribe Box (To Open Secret Room)
how to get al 3 secret boxes in genshin impact

There is a secret room in Dragonspine and behind it are secret chests and boxes with valuable material in them in the Genshin impact region.聽

It needs to unlock the three boxes, and complete the tasks. If you want to have the fun of the whole Genshin Impact Region, the priest, princess, and scribe box quest is everything you were looking for. If you finish this quest, you will be rewarded with jewels and valuables of a lifetime and will aid in your character leveling materials which are quite tough to collect in the Genshin region. It is a treasure hunt, and as all treasure hunts are, it is promising and thrilling.

There is a secret door in the Genshin impact region that needs to be unlocked to complete the task and can be done by finding the three items which are mentioned. They are the priest, princess, and scribe box that are hidden in the dragon spine region, and there is a proper way to get these materials. There has been an update, and version 1.2 of Genshin impact is a lot more thrilling and exciting than the previous ones. It鈥檚 capable of hooking you to your seats and completing the whole game in a go.

This version has a chilly and wintery theme. The Dragonspine region is an icy tundra, and the whole weather and graphics are based around snow and chilly weather. There is a new feature called the sheer cold stat which if a player uses on its opponent, they have to find warmth as soon as possible. This can cause considerable damage to a player and is a very powerful, and deadly weapon to be used against your opponents.

There is also a new frostbearer tree that works in the same way as the statues of the seven. If you offer a crimson agate to the frostbearer tree, you will receive exciting and useful rewards which can guard you against the sheer cold stat. Genshin鈥檚 impact has this immaculate feature of introducing one problem, which can also be a superpower to some. There is nothing undefeatable here.

The next and the most talked about feature of this version is the secret door, which gets unlocked with the three important items only that is the priest box, the princess box, and the scribe box. Behind the door is a huge and full chest of valuable materials that include artifacts, leveling materials, mora, primogems, and a crimson agate which you use to gain protection against the sheer cold stat. There will be another chest in the same room alongside a stone with some carvings.

Where to Find Priest, Princess, And Scribe Box in Genshin Impact

These ancient etchings are related to another Genshin impact quest, and to play and clear those you have to finish the Priest, princess, and scribe box challenge first. By obtaining the luxurious chest you won鈥檛 only unlock these items, but will also get additional rewards.

Now, the location of these boxes are as follows:

Get Princess Box

Princess Box Location

To the Northeast side of the Dragonspine, you will find the princess box of the quest. If you go further from the frost-bearing tree, there will come an island with a lake surrounding it. You have to fly to reach this island and activate the sword by touching it to open up a challenge for obtaining the princess box. You have to defeat the Abyss Mages within a minute, and if you are successful in doing that, you get the box.

Get Priest Box

Priest Box Location

The offside of the northwest side of dragonspine is where the priest box is located. If you follow the path for a while next to some ruins, it will lead you to Anemo fairies which you have to use to make a wind current and fly off around 10 feet to the ruined tower to collect this box.

Get Scribe Box

Scribd Box Location

The final box of this challenge could be found towards the south of the teleport waypoint outside of the star glow cavern. There is a stone monument, and to unlock the box, you have to place fresh flowers in front of it.

How To Open The Secret Room Gate In Genshin Impact

Open The Secret Room Gate In Genshin Impact

To open Secret Room Gate, you have to travel to the Waypoint directly above the world 鈥淣ail鈥 in Skyfrost Nail. There will be a ramp inside the cavern, and you have to go on it to the west. After you reach the mouth of the cave, fly to the east inside to reach another ramp that goes upwards.

The secret room would be directly above the waypoint, and when you find another cave mouth, there will be a door next to the fire Seelie torch.

This game is quite interesting and mythical to play along with amazing challenges and rewards.聽

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