Who is Yoimiya in Genshin Impact?

Who is Yoimiya in Genshin Impact?

When the footage of Kazuha was leaked, a new character stole all the limelight. Who was responsible for this leak?

As everyone guessed right the footage was leaked from the Twitter handle of @projectcelestia that was responsible for the news about the Genshin Impact data mine. For those who are not aware of what is going on, this community is responsible for spreading the news and leaking footage about news and new characters in the game. What new footage have they found this time? They leaked the footage of a new character who was not mentioned in the previous editions of the game named Yoimiya. So who exactly is this new character Yoimiya in Genshin Impact?

No one before this has ever mentioned this character’s presence. Don’t be anxious about why and how will this new character impacts the game. Sit back and enjoy the anticipation created by the gaming community in the wake of this new character named Yoimiya. How will it impact other characters? 

Who Is Yoimiya?

With the footage getting leaked the news of the new character Yoimiya is spreading like wildfire. So who exactly is Yoimiya? According to the reports Yoimiya is being tied to Ayaka, who is an electro archon, which is a part of another new upcoming plot of the game. This Electro Archon is supposed to reside over Inazuma. Yoimiya and Ayaka are said to be a part of Inazuma. 

 What other reports suggest that Yoimiya will be a part of Ayaka’s “ Shrine Maidens”. We don’t yet know how it is going to impact the maidens present in the “Grand Narukami Shrine” in which they reside. They are mentioned briefly in Version 1.5’s live stream at the end of the session. 

Yoimiya Artifacts & Weapons

Based on the tweet that was posted on the Twitter handle of @projectcelestia which showcased the visual of Yoimiya, it is said that she is defined as an A-rated bow-wielder girl. It is also mentioned that she might have a Pyro vision. They also posted a screenshot regarding the character description. No other traits and qualities of Yoimiya are known yet. Let’s wait and hope for the best. 

For those who have no idea what a Pyro character is and are looking to replace the Amber present in your team, then you need to look out for more about this new character, Yoimiya. She can be a threat. 

The “Dreams of Dragonfell”

If you are a keen observer you would’ve noticed a bow named “ Dreams of Dragonfell” on Yoimiya’s bow. It is similar to the weapons that are currently yielded in the 5-star weapon game “Epitome Invocation”. These weapons are majorly a part of Geo’s character who wields weapons like Summit Shaper, Memory of Dust, etc. Then the question arises, why is she having one? Is she not a Pyro character? Are there any plot twists regarding who she is? 


When is Yoimiya coming to Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know the release date of this character. The people who are involved in this leak also yet to garner more information regarding the character’s release.

But one thing is for certain, Yoimiya’s character is not going to make an appearance in the current Version 1.7.

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