Best Sonic Generation Mods to try

This is a collection of the best mods which will make your Sonic Generations experience as enjoyable as possible.
sonic generations best mods

One of the most popular and loving games during our childhood was Sonic. We used to love that character as a whole, and it is fun reminiscing about it at times. In 2011, Sonic Generations was introduced, which became an instant sensation amongst the fans, and the response this game received was overwhelming. Apart from being a nostalgic game that took us back to our early days, it was a fast-paced game with tons of exciting features and adaptations that people can try out and make the best of. You will experience the amazement of Sonic like nothing else with the Sonic Generation.

Sonic Generation is a game that contains a highlight of the first-ever released Sonic Generation game, and you can relive all the old and nostalgic times with this. Two other “modern Sonic” games were released before the Sonic Generation came out and turned the tide for this new gaming era. Although the achievements we all try to collect in this version of the game are a lot and usually unachievable at max, finishing the game was a whole lot easier in modern Sonic. 

In a Sonic Generation, if you have a good knowledge of the series, you can easily get the s rank, and that too exceptionally fast. On average for someone who is good with the show and has his memory brushed up can complete the process of getting S rank within 25 hours, which is very little and will give you enough time to go onto other ranks.

There are certain collectibles in the game known as the red star rings, which can give you trouble to find, but if you do it diligently and start having fun while finding it, you are good to go. These can take considerable time, but it isn’t impossible. With a little toil, you can finish this part too and move to other challenges.

List of best Sonic Generation mods

To get these collectibles, you need to beat the bosses and the enemies which come your way, and then you can collect these in the form of red star rings. When you defeat a rival, you can set your collectible as a form of an add-on, and then you can purchase these with your score from the oma-chao at the hub. The whole process is pretty straightforward, and you can do it without any trouble.

Sonic Generation isn’t a tough game to conquer, and if you have enough knowledge about the show, you can easily go on and beat the levels. The best part about this game is that there is no particular timeline or order to follow, and you can start and finish any challenge whenever you want. There are various modes available that can transform and make your game seem better and more detailed, and some of them are listed below. It’s very simple to download them and use them, and they are probably the most convenient and accessible mods in any game available online.

This was a fast-paced game with exciting new changes that kept coming and going. There were numerous mods to choose from, and some of the best mods of all time in a Sonic Generation are:

Sonic Generations unleashed project

When the werehog Sonic made its debut in the Sonic Generations, it wasn’t the most capped and accepted addition. But the daytime levels it harboured were one of the best, and it was exported right away from the xbox to the Sonic Generations. The controls, graphics, audio and video quality, and the performance of your characters also improve significantly. This was a fan project which was heavily influenced and further accepted by the fans. There are eight levels in this game, and they are quite promising and interesting to play. They start from the windmill isle and go on a jungle joyride. You will have an amazing time playing with this mod.

Better fxpipeline

The graphics of the game goes up by several notches with this mod created by sketch. Also, the depth and bloom glare used to cause problems early on was fixed in this mod and had fxaa support in the latest version. So your game will start looking better. A post-processing effect feature can make your game look exceptionally well defined and more fixed and well-made. The graphics are the most important part of any game, and the better fx pipeline mode ensures you get the best out of it. Even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about the game’s technicalities, this will make you seem to be a tech junkie for sure.

Sth2006 project

This mod adds new hubs like solenna city, and there is an exciting video at the beginning of this mod. It also goes on to remove omochao’s tips with various sth2006 quotes, which is a great update and makes it look super cool. Sonic the hedgehog, released in 2006, faced a lot of backlash because of the conscious but questionable decisions and characters they introduced. This included the romance between Sonic and a human, which was deemed to be improper. Despite all the things that made Sonic hedgehog quite infamous, the levels included in the game were some of the best, and brian did his best to get those imported through the sth2006 project mod. 

HD classic Sonic improvement

Showing created this mod, and the whole purpose of this mod is to make your standard classic Sonic look adorable with the changes. So if you love the classic Sonic, you will enjoy this one with only a few changes and tweaks in the gameplay. Mod creator designed this mod specifically for the people who love the Sonic Generation and its classic version but want to improve their stubby and rough-looking Sonic with something better and cuter. This mod doesn’t change the style of Sonic but makes it seem more real and similar to the ones used in advertising. 

Low-end mod

One of the best mods if you are not quite technologically equipped or sound, a low-end mod will help in removing the unnecessary things from your game, and only the essential aspects remain. The battle vibes and the ps2 types graphic is what is induced in the low-end mod. Ptkickass developed this mod to give the best gaming experience if you don’t know a lot about technology in the game, although to make the whole game simpler, its graphics go down a notch, and it will seem like the basic ps2 game.

Real knuckles

You can play the Sonic Generations from the knuckles point of view that is Sonic’s sidekick, and what could be better to have a mod that lets you experience the same game from another perspective. This red echidna was one of the most beloved characters, and having him as the main protagonist is a dream which this mod fulfills. Having his gliding features and other important abilities he beholds make your game extremely fun to play.

Dreamcast Sonic mod

This Sonic mod will take you back to the original Sonic times, where the voice is modulated in the same way we hear back then. It is a classic and modern Sonic mix, and it will be a substantial nostalgic trip with unique features and accessibility. Although Sonic mods have been going through many changes in the way Sonic looks, this mod will be the perfect blend, and you can take in the features of both types of looks. Frank, who is the creator of this mod, tried to make the Sonic look more like the dreamcast Sonic and not the Sonic adventure so that that part will be a little highlighted.

Dynamic white world effect

One of the most excellent mods where the world’s colour remains black and white and super dull until the Sonic arrives and makes it colourful and lively. One problem which people face is that this mod can sometimes lag due to the excessive power it requires. The whole point of the Sonic Generation is to run fast enough to return to color and life, and this mod promises that. This will probably be the most interesting and fun mod to play with, and you can get it quite conveniently.

Real tails

Tails is one of the most underrated characters in Sonic, and Ultimate Darkman decided to give it its mod, which will signify its importance. In this, seats replace the Sonic with the same abilities as him and the flying power using the boost button in the air. However, this mod faces one problem: you need to have “homing attack enabled” and “homing attack disabled.” 

Sonic movie Generation

The early Sonic designs were controversial and didn’t receive the most positive feedback from the fans after the movie was released. Although some people like it because of the uniqueness of Sonic, and thus it was brought to a mod version by Soniconbox. This changes the entire look similar to the movie and even adds certain traits like “flossing” on winning and other stuff. The audience doesn’t always accept the live-action version of any movie as they like to stick to the roots of their favorite game or show or a movie. But if you did have a soft spot for this, then the Sonic movie Generation mod is perfect and will provide you with an exact look of that movie. 

Better unlockable music

Sonic has some of the most iconic and nostalgic music pieces, which has been around for quite some time. This mod allows you to listen to those songs without the remix or the shortened version, and Nate squared did a great job bringing the most authentic and perfect music snippets for Sonic.

High Res Hud

Playing on higher resolutions is a tough and challenging task that the modders undertake to provide to the gamers. Joel made sure that no matter where you are playing, this mod will make your game look double the higher resolution, which looks extremely cool.

Modern adventure: Generations physics mod

Kazeblade developed a mod that replicates all the action and adventurous endeavours of the Sonic Generations adventure era and allows you to control your speed easily and more control over your character at high speeds.  

Hedge Mod manager

One of the best tools for managing and installing mods, the hedgehog manager, is a great way to simplify the process. Hmm, make sure you can edit the files and download them with just one simple click.

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