Grand Summoners Tier List September 2023

Most Up to Date Grand Summoners Tier List to pick the best characters.
Grand Summoners Tier list

RPG games are all in rage these days because of how fast-paced they are and the versatility it provides. When we talk about the top RPG game, grand summoners always manage to top the list because of their ability and ease to operate on a cell phone and get every player hooked to their screens and chair playing this ultimate game. The best part about this game is the nostalgic ring it has to itself. With a design like that of the 80s and the graphics in 2D, this game could have easily been discarded by the gamer community but is instead one of the most popular and widespread RPG games currently.

Perks of Grand Summoners?

Grand summoners is a team battle game in which you are divided into teams but have to fight on your turn-by-turn, leading to the upgrades of your power and abilities. You can choose a character you like and then roleplay and use their abilities limited to them and act as an exception. With each fight you win, you go a level up until you become the best player with the highest scores.

How To Level Up In Grand Summoners?

This game is based on levels, and to master it, you have to keep leveling up in it. some of the ways with which you can do this are:


You will have to go through a rigorous combat session in the arena, which will include several rounds, and you will have to fight off numerous squads. After every fight in the arena, you will receive gold coins to complete quests by going into the caves.


Grand summoners are so much more than just battles and fights, which you will be able to explore as soon as you receive those gold coins and move to the outer world which awaits you with its mysteries. There will be more new characters that will give you certain missions in exchange for gems to buy new characters for yourself. 

Grand Summoners Global Tier List

In this game, apart from leveling up, if you want to stand out, you need to have many characters in your kitty. The tier list will provide you with the worthiest classes and characters you should choose that will help you gain the abilities of a lifetime and have your name in the top players of this RPG battle.

SS level

· Berwick.

· Tetris.

· Vox.

· Mako.

Level S +

· Cestina.

· Norn.

· Rimiry.

· Asirpa.

· Priestess.

· Dark Fen.

Level S

· Sword Berwick.

· Fen.

· Rosette.

· Weaver.

· Dark Celia.

Level S-

· Kurama.

· Melty.

· Yusuke.

· Sonije.

· Ashe.

· Rem.

· Shuri.

Level A +

· Gerald.

· Kisaragi.

· Sandstone.

· Favelle.

· Riviera.

· Sakura Mira.

· Arista.

· Veronica.

· Feena.

· Arcana.

· Dark Kane.

Level A

· Hime.

· Lian.

· Lione.

· Radak.

· Tamae.

· High Eif Archer.

· Part.

· Aqua Melia.

· Amane.

· Celia.

· Marzec.

· Naofimi.

· Courtney.

· Dark Zeorg.

· Hier.

· Lygor.

· Toguro.

· Warragul.

Level A-

· Benimaru.

· They win.

· Ifrit.

· Millenia.

· Milirn.

· Tallis.

· Aesis.

· Folly.

· Alvina.

· Diaz.

· Lozze.

· Mizuki.

· Nies.

· Platina.

· Raphtalia.

· Saitama.

· Dark Marzes.

· Ginzo.

· Goblin Slayer.

· Ragsherum.

· Regulus.

· Sonic.

· Zenon.

Level B +

· Badoul.ryuko.

· Sugimoto.

· Edge.

· Louvet.

· Terrible Tornado.

· Corsair.

· Est.

· Selia.

· Daki.

· Freed.

· Leone.

· Duke.

· Grohe.

· Melia.

Level B

· Clyde.

· Soul.

· Kane.

· Hellish Blizzard.

· Lapleh.

· Shadie.

· Zeela.

· Cathemilla.

· Jack.

· Kazuma.

· Mixie.

· Shiki.

· Courage.

· Garou.

· Onfuan.

· Number 2.

· Rald.

Level B-

· Big Brave.

· Honoka.

· Look.

· Arth.

· Jill.

· Luda.

· Mamon.

· Saku.

· Valhalla.

· Vogue.

· Daisy.

· Gaia.

· Palamicia.

· Quon.

· Yomi.

· Eden.

· Edram.

· Nokia.

· Awoken Rhodia.

· Lily.

· Nier.

Level C

· Anna.

· Ragna.

· Rishley.

· Zolder.

· Ashe Toto.

· Keit.

· Nerium.

· Olgeth.

· Pola.

· Herck.

· Riana.

· Roy.

· Saar.

· Satsuki.

· Sly.

· End.

· Liese.

· Reyon.

· Zeorg.

· Coco.

· Genos.

· Kayas.

Level F

· Arosdea.

· Dargeon.

· Feld.

· Rasaou.

· Soleil.

· Triodos.

· Vaughan.

· Caillou.

· Vaid.

· Elmessio.

· Alche.

· Last.

· Elfalla.

· Iris.

· Rhiothis.

· Zechsia.

· Abaddon.

· Lion.

· Ketones.

· Mizyna.

· Zech.

· Zoroas.

One of the best features of this game is that you should keep in mind that grand summoners will only pair you with an opponent with the same level as yours when you start playing. So, try starting with the lowest that is F, so that the chances of winning increase and you start getting a hand at this beautifully crafted game which will be a promising adventure. 

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