Guide to Fall Guys Crossplay Custom Lobbies

Our guide features the steps that help you to join and host the Crossplay Custom lobbies in Fall Guys easily.
how to join custom lobbies in fall guys crossplay

The developer of the adventurous arcade game Fall Guys, Media tonic has focused all his energy into creating a crossplay for the royale game battle and the newest update which is named “Dave” delivers just that.

When this newest installment was launched the Media tonic had to remove all the custom lobbies because of technical glitches. But it was back to its native form as soon as possible. The newest season 4.5 did not add any crossplay parties per se, but it included crossplay matchmaking and permitted the players to customize and personalize the lobbies in their PCs and PlayStations.

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To get your hands on these customizable lobbies, you need to click on Show selector from the main menu. You will spot the casual part of the Selection Live Shows, but you can spot the Custom Shows option present in the next tab. You have two options: Either initiate a Custom show and host it or join a Custom show hosted by some other individual. 

Steps to Host a Crossplay Custom Lobby in Fall Guys

host cusotm lobby crossplay fall guys

You have two options as mentioned above. Once you select the Host option you will be directed to several other choices. From these options, you need to go to the Show Selection menu and you have the choice of selecting a game mode from either the Main tab or the alternate tab. Usually, a minimum of 12 players is required for every game. You will be faced with options like Hex-A-Gone trial or the Jump Around which requires less than 12 players like 4-5. If you want a smaller group option, these games are the best.

After selecting you will find a five-character code at the top of the screen, you can hide it according to your convenience by pressing the button adjacent to it. Once all your players are ready and available, you can start the hosting of the show. 

Steps to Join a Crossplay Custom Lobby in Fall Guys

After you host the show, from the Custom Shows menu which is present on the top right corner, click join and enter the five-character code available from the previous step. This code will help you join through your PC or PlayStation. 

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