How To Delete Nintendo Switch Play Activity

Want to wipe out your Nintendo Switch Activity? Here's how to do it!
how to delete nintendo account

Nintendo Switch harbors a lot of games within it, and once we start playing, there is no going back. Switching from one game to the other and trying out new stuff can seem exciting and intimidating at first. There could be times you end up like a game that everyone thought is terrible, but well, who controls your likes and dislikes? Sometimes certain games you end up playing could get embarrassing, and if you then have to share your Nintendo switch with anyone, that could be a natural disaster for you. You don’t want that particular game showing up on your profile when someone accesses your Nintendo switch, and for that, there are multiple ways to delete the history.

There are multiple ways to delete your player activity from the Nintendo switch. This will wipe the entire game’s entire existence from your profile, and you won’t have to worry about showing everyone what you have been playing on the switch. Some of the ways to go about this are:

Deleting Entire Play Activity Through User Settings

This is the most common and easy way to delete the user activity from your profile. You have to navigate to the top of the screen and click on your profile with the bit of icon displayed there.

Once you click on it, the profile setting page will be displayed, and you have to toggle your cursor to the user settings block. Click on it.

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There will be the option of choosing the play activity set within the user settings, which you have to click next.

You will see the option of deleting the play activity, and on clicking this, you will be done with the whole embarrassing situation.

When you click on the delete option and click on the delete entire history option, whatever games you played and whatever of them was logged on your profile will disappear, and it will seem like you never played any game. You can still see your finished games and progress on your account, but your friends or whoever else accesses your profile will find it all vanished. This method isn’t too preferred because this will delete your logs, and you won’t know which games you have finished and how much of it is left. Also, anyone can quickly figure out that you deleted your history if suddenly the whole of it is wiped off.

Hiding Play Activity Through User Settings

If you don’t want to delete the entire history of your gaming, you can go back to the play activity setting button and click it to open “display play activities to” control. There will be specific options available there like “no one,” “friends,” “best friends,” “all users.” You have to alter it by selecting “no one,” Once you do it, that particular game and its history will be removed. This will make you seem offline in the Nintendo switch, and if you are playing a multiplayer game, your friends won’t know it is you. You always have to invite them to get them aware of your presence. 

Alternate Solution

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If you don’t like either of the solutions above, the other key to hide your game is by practically hiding it in front of everyone. This can be done as your profile always shows 20 games you have played, and within those 20 games, you will have one such fun which you aren’t proud of. You will have to boot up 20 competitions that might be already available on your switch, and if it isn’t, you have to download it and then boot it up. When you open 20 different games, the game you didn’t like will be kept at the end of the titles, and no one would care to go that far to see what you are playing.

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