How to Get Blank / Invisible Name in Among Us

You cant type a blank name, but you can copy-paste it.
How to Make Your Name Invisible

Among us is this survival game which was initially launched in 2018 but gained popularity overnight. It peaked so high that its ratings and the user base exploded that of PUBG, and it took the gen z by a wave. This game kept people hooked to their houses and entertained along with their friends in the middle of the pandemic and worldwide lockdown when it became tough to move out and pass the time. Among us, it has 90 million downloads around the world, and with the help of top streamers on YouTube who encouraged people to take up this game, it became a classic.

This game starts with you being a part of a public or private server with a crew of 4-10 people. In this group of people, 1-3 people will be the imposters who sabotage your tasks and kill you. You have to figure out who the imposter is, and once you do it, you can call a team meeting and discuss it with your mates before voting that person out. If you get it right, you win the round along with your crew, and if you don’t, then the game progresses, and the person who was outed can become a ghost and help in the completion of tasks. If someone ends up doing all the tasks before dying, you will automatically win the game.

Among us allows you to take up different skins and customize them in whatever colour and accessories you like. You can have a unique name for yourself in the game as well. This helps in the team meetings as you can directly use the word which people has appointed for themselves and vote. A cool trick that among us allows its players to play in the provision of having a blank name. With this, when your character will be moving, there won’t be any name or text on top of your head, and it will seem blank. This could be a nifty trick to show to your crewmates or make it easy to hide as an imposter, as this will create confusion while playing.

You cant type a blank name, but you can copy-paste it. You can use the empty spaces and the steps provided in this article to copy-paste it. Among us has this policy that you cant type a blank name, but pasting any name or this invisible name will be easy.

  1. Copy the part between the quotation marks “ “.
  2. Paste this when you are playing the game, and it asks for the name.
  3. Enter and try it out.

You can easily use this trick on either your PC or your phone. To know if your invisible name has appeared or not, when you paste it, you will see that the cursor will move a step ahead, making it obvious there is something written there, and this is where your invisible name has come. You can’t put the space marks in the namespace and think it will work because this is a Unicode symbol, and copy-pasting is just like copying something written and solid, and the game won’t be able to figure it out.

This is just a cool trick you can include in your kitty without any such hard fast benefits. Your colour will be identifiable, which helps you stay out of focus because of no name. This will keep people away from you. 

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