Uplay Connection Lost Fix 2023

A step by step guide with 5 ways to fix the Ubisoft connection lost error in Uplay and enjoy the endless Ubisoft game experience.
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If you’re a die-hard fan of Ubisoft games then you might be using their game launcher Uplay, but sometimes it may misbehave and shows error Uplay Connection Lost or something like that. That means the Uplays Launcher has lost connectivity that establishes a connection between your network and the Ubisoft game server form where you download and install the games.

Our Uplay Connection Lost Fix guide will instruct you to get rid out of this connectivity issue in your Windows 10 PC. This is not just because you wouldn’t be able to download games from it but also you neither be able to update your game and that may result in missed seasons and ongoing events on the games.

Why Uplay Launcher Loses Conneciton?

There could be many reasons for the Uplay Launcher Connection lost issue but we all know that Uplay is available for the Windows platform so there might have a root cause for this issue.

If you are getting a “Ubisoft service is not available at the moment” then this may be because there might be some problem in your Windows 10 or your internet connection conflicting some problem while connecting to Uplay.

But that’s not just the actual caus due to which this error connection lost error comes. In fact, lots of Uplay users raised complaints regarding the Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable.

Despite having proper internet connection users still getting this error while connecting to Uplay. So now you know that there’re numerous reasons for this Uplay connection loss problem, but in this guide, we’ll show how you can fix the Ubisoft Launcher Connection lost error in 5 ways.

How to Fix Uplay Connection Lost

Ubisoft’s this game launcher client may have some other errors that will occur and behave differently on different PCs. Since we’ve Uplay installed on Windows 10 PC so we’re gonna fix it with the following methods.

Troubleshoot #1: Disable Windows Firewall & Antivirus

Sometimes Windows Firewall won’t let the program uses the network connection to prevent the outside attacks. As we all know Ubisoft for decades it’s known for its popular titles like Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy, Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry, and many more.

So disabling network protection or firewall for Uplay won’t create harmful issues for your computer. Here’re the steps to turn off the Firewall in Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to Settings and open the Windows Firewall

Step 2: Now select the Firewall then go to Network Protection option.

Step 3: There you’ll see an option Public Network, click on that, this will disable the Windows Firewall.

Step 4: Now make sure while using Uplay launcher your antivirus is disabled or turned off during the time you game. After gaming, you may turn it back on, or you can also schedule your antivirus to keep disabled for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, and so on

If you’re using any VPN service then make sure it’s also turned off.

Troubleshoot #2: Flushing DNS

If you use the internet and browse the web so frequently then sometimes it stores some DNS files in your system which could be potential reasons for the Uplay Connection Lost issue. In this solution, we’re gonna flush the DNS files by using a command in CMD.

Here’s how to do.

Step 1: First open up the Command Prompt (Press Win + X or typing CMD in start)

Step 2: In command prompt type ipconfig/flushdns command and hit enter.

Step 3: Once the flushing process is finished, reboot your PC.

Make sure you delete the all temp file by typing %tmp% in run this will open a window, delete all contents.

Hopefully, you’ve found some ways to fix the Connection lost problem in Uplay. Let us know which method worked for you. If this post saves your day do not forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Till then stay tuned for more game guides.

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