Does Knockout City Support Cross-Platform & Crossplay?

Knockout City player here? Read this out or you'll be like oh shit this one has surprised me!

Ever since Knockout City has released the game is constantly gaining immense popularity among gamers. The game features a Dodgeball sport with a lot of fun that can be enjoyed with friends or other friends in the world. But do you know if Knockout City have crossplay? Have you tried playing the game on PC with another player who’s playing on PS4 or Xbox?

No, don’t worry; we have covered it for you to answer whether it does support cross-platform. Knockout City is not just another online multiplayer game but has many features beyond that. This game reminds me of Rocket League which is kind of similar multiplayer game.

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Both games based on two different sports one is Soccer and another one is a Dodgeball game. Each one serves a different genre but offers similar fun and enjoyment but we’ll only talk about Knockout City.

Does Knockout City Have Crossplay?

If you’re a regular reader at CultofGamer then you might have read over a similar article where we covered the game which doesn’t support the Cross-Platform if you want to know which game are those check out this page to figure out.

Fortunately, Knockout City does support Cross-platform so you can play with your friends and make teams across PC and different consoles. It has crossplay and cross-progression save features so you can save your in-game progress and access it over on different PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

The player can join and be invited on the matchmaking from the crossplatform. The feature in itself is so amazing that only some game affords and Knockout City is one of them and it is enabled by default in it. You can easily send the cross-platform invitation, follow the below steps.

  • Ask Your friend their KO City ID
  • Enter the KO City ID
  • Then hit the invite friend button.

You can also receive the others’ invitation on your screen and how cool is that all your friends uses different platform can join the lobby and play in the same match.

Knockout City doesn’t stop here, apart from crossplay supported. It does also have a Cross progression save feature this is a useful one. If you have multiple consoles and logged in with the same KnockOut City account on all PC, and consoles, then you will have the same progress on each platform.

TL;DR of the post: Knockcity has crossplay and supports the cross-platform along with the cross-progression save functionality.

This is the new one so there’s a lot more to come in the Knockout City, the Electronic Arts good in its game, we can expect some good challenges, items, cosmetics and goodies in the upcoming seasons.

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