How to Change Knockout City ID in PC, PS4 & Xbox

Do you want to change your Knockout City ID? Here's everything you need to know before you proceed further.
how to change knockout city ID

After you know how to play the game and proceed further with it, it’s time for you to dwell on the game and play it. The first step would be to create a Knockout City ID and then start playing this multiplayer themed game.

Some of the players are already registered and have been playing the engaging and exciting Knockout City for quite some time. They might have had their own unique Knockout City ID, also known as KOID, which once entered and saved can’t be changed. Although changing the ID doesn’t take place in the game, there is a way to do it externally, which requires specific steps.

Charging Your Knockout City ID

There are many games where you can’t change your gaming ID once it has been formed. 

  • The Knockout City is no different, but it does have the provision of doing it from the outside. 
  • For this, you have to download the EA’s desktop application which you can do by searching it up on google
  • you can go to the official website of EA and proceed to change your ID from there.

Desktop Game Client

If you are changing your name from the EA’s desktop application, you need first to launch it and select your profile from the top right corner. 

  • You will see an edit profile option on this application that you want in the regular game. 
  • You have to click on this and change your nickname to whatever you want from here. Once you edit and save,
  • It will be displayed when you play the game, making it a super-easy way to change names.

Via Official Website

To change your Knockout City ID from the official website

  • You have to log in on their website using your credentials and then navigate the about me section on the website. 
  • You will find the option to edit your profile, and after clicking on it, you can change your name to the desired character, and you will be good to go.

Change Knockout City ID in Consoles (PS4 & Xbox)

Suppose you are playing Knockout City from your console on Xbox, PlayStation or switch.

  •  In that case, the console will display the PSN ID, Gamertag, Nintendo switch online username, respectively, so you have to edit accordingly. 
  • The unique KOID you create here will be your EA’s official ID, and thus you can connect and play cross-platform games with it.

Via Steam, Origin or Epic Games

  • If you are playing on origin, steam, or epic, you should note that this won’t change your Knockout ID if you change your name on the source.
  • Your KODI will always officially be your EA’s official ID, but this problem has been encountered with the Knockout City, and EA is working on resolving it.

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