Knockout City Codes – March 2023

Avail the free items by redeeming these working Knockout City codes and get the most out of it.
Knockout City

The Knockout City has recently been released playing dodgeball-related battles across different places on the map. The way to do this is by knocking down enemies using different kinds of dodgeball and receiving awards and prizes in return.

You can choose to have different types of cosmetic items available in the game and add them to your chest. The Knockout City launches many activation codes correctly, to make this journey of receiving rewards a lot easier.

The codes which are available and working as of.

Knockout City Active Codes

3TYQ-LFML-EUT9-B5G3-MPWBRedeem code for Gorillaphent Cosmetics
A844-VTSD-ECRV-8PSX-3MW4Redeem code for Northern Lions Cosmetics
52T3-BMJD-3QNL-BQWB-LWK9Redeem code for All Pride 2021 Icons (Permanent)
E3HZ-3L9Z-CTML-4S2Y-FHQCRedeem code for Agender player Icon (Permanent)
9UY8-XR8S-T6EP-5TH4-ZPE5Redeem code for Aromantic player Icon (Permanent)
22PP-HLPD-83VD-MM55-TPBARedeem code for Asexual player Icon (Permanent)
89FF-U7WG-39FK-L2FE-AHUTRedeem code for Bigender player Icon (Permanent)
3Q22-D6XR-L42E-HGT9-VCCURedeem code for Bisexual player Icon (Permanent)
B2PP-FKZL-JTCP-DQ67-T9JSRedeem code for Demiboy player Icon (Permanent)
EZ6N-N6UQ-86Y3-TMT9-3YVFRedeem code for Demigirl player Icon (Permanent)
B9J2-S95N-7KY2-LFEA-WL4VRedeem code for Deminonbinary player Icon (Permanent)
85N6-P3YM-7WZA-JLNV-UFQGRedeem code for Demiromantic player Icon (Permanent)
42NE-CVAQ-E8U2-SWR4-X5VNRedeem code for Demisexual player Icon (Permanent)
7YPF-H4VP-YYNH-AX4G-H2W8Redeem code for Genderfluid player Icon (Permanent)
4STB-BMKL-YFDU-JK2J-4UG5Redeem code for Genderqueer player Icon (Permanent)
8HCL-5LSW-Z653-NPWY-6RJKRedeem code for Intersex player Icon (Permanent)
7UVD-FHPE-TMZR-NG4E-GTZKRedeem code for Lesbian player Icon (Permanent)
8AKK-5J7B-28JK-CKSM-XMMERedeem code for Men-Loving-Men player Icon (Permanent)
6RRH-K992-EQZ2-XY7T-3KJHRedeem code for Nonbinary player Icon(Permanent)
FS7F-APXD-H2DD-YMNV-AU5URedeem code for Omnisexual player Icon (Permanent)
24W6-JS56-JNWC-NZ4U-VK58Redeem code for Pansexual player Icon (Permanent)
DL5D-RPDS-VF2K-VHVR-WMKWRedeem code for Philly Pride Flag player Icon (Permanent)
6XDD-6TUG-TRNU-7PPK-4WFRRedeem code for Polysexual player Icon (Permanent)
7L2J-A4YU-NP2Q-W2HZ-54QZRedeem code for Transgender player Icon (Permanent)

All these codes are 20 characters long so while entering them, you have to make sure you input the right characters and there are in total 20 or else you won’t be able to redeem the codes and seek its benefits. Another thing is that some of the codes are Forever which means they are here to stay always until it gets removed by the developers.


  • GBHZ-X7NQ-TET4-CUDF-C9S7—Get AyChristene Cosmetics
  • 5HMV-6K27-FLSZ-4LXN-W5LF—Get Jonsandman Cosmetics
  • 8XB3-TMBK-RYKR-6FKW-G5FE—Get H20Delirious Cosmetics


1. You have to navigate and go to the main menu from which you have to select the more option.

2. After clicking, you will see a lot of options floating on your screen. Choose “redeem code” and click on it.

3. A window will open up with the message “enter code” and this is where you have to either type your desired code or copy it from the list above.

4. You have to enter the code and click on submit.

5. If the code is correct, a message stating “your code is being redeemed” will be flashed and if it is incorrect “there was an error redeeming the code. Please try again” will be shown.

6. After redeeming the code, go back to the main menu and open your crew and there you can see the cosmetics and other rewards you received.

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