Check How Much Money Have You Spent on League of Legends

A quick but very useful or I should say must read post to check how much money you have spent on League of Legends so far?
how much have i spent on league

Ever wonder how much money did you spend on League of Legends when you played it last time? YES, few bucks in some skins and artifacts. right? Well, that’s not a big deal though.

But if I just change one word in the above question then the question would mean completely different and perhaps it makes you think deeply and freezes all the rest of your surroundings. YES, I felt this too when I asked (thought) myself that how much money have I spent on League? and I was like Ohh NOO! 🙁

Listen just once calculate the sum of your total money spent on the game I’m pretty sure it would be at least in 3 figure bucks. Right?

Even some LOL player even have spends thousands of dollars in the game buying various stuff, skins, abilities Prestige points, and what’s not? I know LOL is one of the best MOBA games that is much popular among the esports tournaments and no one can resist playing this game and those items that can be purchased via Riot’s premium currency RP.

Well, this where it all begins I’m not saying that you should not explore the market place not buy the items. I mean to say one must have control over themselves and think a few times whether it will be useful for me?

Even I was also the same as them but thankfully I took control of my expenses ever since I realized that I’m doing this too much and that’s not good things and it might not be something that will help or use in the future.

After this, I thought why not share my experience with you. So I bring this post that makes you aware to check how much money have you spend on League of Legends so far.

How to Check How Much Money Have You Spent

To check the total money that you’ve spent on League of Legends, go to Riot’s official support page. There you’ll see a Login button, just log-in with your LOL account, after this look for the option “show me the money” button, click on it.

This will show how much money you have spent on the league of legends in the respective region where you’d spent. Well, how do you feel now after seeing those numbers? if you’re the one of those who just have spent a few bucks only then congratulations and for others 😂 xD you know what I meant… LOL (not LoL)…

Share it with your friends and guess the money that they have spent so far and asked whether you guessed it right or not?

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