How to Find & Watch Your League of Legends Replays

League of Legends: A Guide to find out your Replays and Highlights
league of legends replay folder

If you are looking for answers to the questions such as – where does the league save replays and where do replays go then you are at the right place. LoL is quite an experience when it comes to gaming! And the best part is that you can see yourself in action once the match is over with the help of league replays.

Earlier it was not quite there but with the rise in player count Riot games incorporated this feature. In this feature, once you have finished the match you can then watch the replay. Not only you can watch it, but also you can share it with your friends as well. 

The fun fact is it is unmaterialistic which mode you are playing! Whether you are playing ARAM, Normal, or Solo/Duo Queue you can simply download the replay and save it in the league of legends replay folder for watching it later. It is sometimes interesting to watch it as you not only come to know about your mistakes but also you can understand the opponent’s moves.

You can use Video Recording software too…

It is possible to record the video by using software such as Fraps. If you like you can employ that too to record your whole match or parts of it.

Want to save a LoL highlight here is how…?

Under the profile section in your LoL account, you can go to the Match History. From there you can save a highlight of your match. 

How to Download League of Legends Replays?

You can save it rather easily. For that, you can hit the download button. Once you press the download button the download will start. Once it becomes a play button click it to watch yourself in action. 

Find the locations of your saved replays

When you have saved the highlights, you can always watch yourself fight in the game. However, you will need to know the location of the file that you have saved.

You have two options, either watch it through the client or save it on your PC. By default, they will be saved as .ROFL files. If you want you can locate the files by going to the settings menu of the LoL client. 

You can click on the cog icon that can be found out on the top right corner of the LoL client after going there press on “Replays” on the left of it. After doing so you can find out location of both your replays and highlights. 

Other ways of Recording the LOL Gameplay

1. Streaming Apps

You can stream it on applications such as OBS Studio for recording it in real time. By doing so you can generate a source of income too. If you are looking forward to make profits out of your gaming career then you can let your fans watch you play by streaming it. 

2. Screen Recording

Another way is by screen recording. If you have an Nvidia GPU then you can use Nvidia GeForce Experience to record your screen. This is also done in real time. with this you can record not just LoL but any other game. However, the chat and voice communication will also be recorded. Please take a note of that.

3. Video Editing Software

The software of video editing can also be used to record your highlights. That is a great way of recording stuff and also removing any unwanted fight scenes which you may not like. This way you can create a compilation of your fight scenes for watching and sharing. 

Video Quality Settings

By default, the highlights are captured in 720p. but there are some options within the game that allows you to record the game in a video quality of your choice. If you like you can easily make changes to these settings in the game while watching the replay video or prior to starting the recording of your LoL game’s highlights.


It is a great to have a way to watch the replays of your game. This ways you will know not only how to rectify your faults, but also you can check on your enemy moves. 

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