How to Get an S Rank in League of Legends

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How to Get an S Rank in League of Legends

Gamers and people who are invested in games love playing battle games. Nothing can beat the exceptional and hard-hitting League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena type of game that requires extreme focus and strong strategic analysis of the game. It is currently the biggest esport, and this is also known as MOBA. Ever since League of Legends has been launched, it has remained on top and is quite popular amongst people. In this multiplayer fantasy game, ten players split up into groups of five and battle against each other on the map known as summoner’s rift. The character of each gamer is known as a champion, and they dawn this character and play about the game.


A champion is a character you take over and play the game of League of Legends. There are over 140 champions in the game currently, and more gets added as people play and the game progresses. Although everyone is called a champion, their abilities and powers are different, and the game style they choose to play with also varies significantly and is different from the rest. Therefore, you have to strategize with your team players and start playing the game accordingly. You can’t just get up and get in the game of League of Legends without proper planning.


Summoner’s rift is the game’s main map where people and gamers play to get onto the ranked list. Most of the time, you will end up here and play, although there are different maps as well. On this map, you will be divided into a red and blue team. The base of the blue team will be at the bottom left corner and the base of the red section at the top right corner. The core of the grounds is known as nexus, and the players and the team aim to destroy that.

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In the game, your base will be continuously infiltrated by the minions who would like to enter through the three lanes present in the game, which might cause a lot of nuisance and disturbance, but that is the aim of this game and on this map. So you have to defeat them and devise a plan to destroy the bases, climb on the ranked list ladder, and win the League of Legends.

How To Get The S Rank In League Of Legends

After every game in the League of Legends, you get a rank at the end, which is based on your performance and skills you used and displayed in your gameplay. This ranges between D and up to S+, and this is a rank for your champion and will help you get the highest maestri for it. This rank and points you receive in the end aren’t based entirely on your performance but are a mix of your team’s performance and your contribution to it. 

Why Do You Need An S Rank?

If you get an S rank, you are in the league to unlock many items and prizes in the game. In addition, new skins start getting available for you. The champions mastery system, also known as CMS, is one of the most important masteries in the game, and to get that, you need to be at S rank and upgraded to level 6.

The ranks will help you get the required cosmetic upgrades and are quite beneficial in the end.

Types Of Ranks

The ranks are divided into D-, C, B, A, and S+. The D- is the lowest rank, and if you do end up getting this, you need to work harder than before. S+ is the toughest and the highest level in the League of Legends. 

There isn’t a proper explanation of how your rank gets decided at the end of the League of Legends as this has never been released by RIOT, but you do have to aim for an S rank, and the way to do this is by using certain tricks and tips.

What Affect Skill Rating

Your rank in the League of Legends depends on the skills you hone. These are the factors that will end up affecting your skill rating.


The number of creeps and minions you kill will determine your creep score. Having a high CS is very important to get a good rank in the League of Legends. Grinding to get the highest CS seems like the right option but isn’t viable because your lane will eventually determine your CS. If you are playing in the mid-street, your CS will be 8 to 9 per minute, but it is bound to be lesser if you are a supporting character. If some other player is a champion, their CS will automatically be more than you.


K/D ratio, also known as the kill/death ratio, is the number of kills to the number of deaths. Play the game to kill a significant number of opponents without dying to get a good rank. This system is pretty straightforward. The K/D ratio is affected by time, so maintaining balance is very important if you play the game for a longer time. This will also depend on the character you have and your role in the game.


If you haven’t been able to secure a solid kill for some reason, but you have done significant damage to your opponents, you are good to go. The damage output is very important as it helps in boosting your rank greatly in the game without any kills.

  • TIME

One problem which people face in a League of Legends is that if the game has been going on for quite some time now and you are taking your time to get your k/d ratio in order and your damage as well and suddenly the opponents surrender, you won’t be able to secure the S rank. So time plays a major role in League of Legends.


The supporters are generally assigned with the duty of putting up warding around the game. But one of the major factors which will lead you towards the win is destroying the enemy wards. This will get recorded and can help you secure an S rank as soon as possible. Warding isn’t just a thing for support but can also be done by other players.

All these factors will help you contribute and get the perfect S rank you have been longing for. So play the League of Legends with proper care and attentiveness. 

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