How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

League of Legends: A Guide to Get More Rune Pages
How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

If you are aware of the Rune Pages then you will certainly have an edge in the game. The Runes and Mastery system have been present in the game since the very beginning. And they have been updated from time to time and they were replaced with Runes Reforged Patch in Season 8.

And now that has been reintroducing as the Rune Pages which is actually better and where you can find everything set. In this post, we are going to talk about how to get More Rune Pages in the League of Legends. So, let us begin our journey through the post…

How to get more of Rune Pages LOL

Just like other LoL products which are found in-game, Rune pages can too be bought from the store found in the client. To get at the client you need to go to the

Rune Pages in League of Legends

LoL Shop then heads towards Accessories tan, now open the Rune Pages section. It is found on the list seen on the right side of the client. You can use Blue Essence or Riot Points for buying individual Riot Points, however, the bundles can be obtained through Riot Points only exclusively. From here on you can make Rune Pages for yourself.

Individual Rune Pages

If you are a free to play gamer and you are not keen on spending money then you can go for the individual Rune Pages and buy it using Blue Essence. You can do so by buying it for 6300 BE or 590 RP and it is a reasonable price. There is an advantage to buying this and that is you can buy a controlled amount particularly if you have a limited champion pool.

Bundle Rune Page

Right now there aren’t too many options available, just one is available in the League of legends store. And that one is the 7 Page Bundle which can be bought through using 2600RP. This is a cost effective bundle as you are getting 7 of them at the price of 5. If you don’t have those many RPs then don’t worry you can still buy them individually but that will be slightly disadvantageous.

Importance of Runes Pages in LOL

Runes are classically a part of your preparation considering that it gives you a strategic advantage. If you have a strategic advantage then you can have an edge in the match-up with your selected champion. You will see a boost in the performance of the champion as the Runes can you help you unleash lots more power and potential can get a boost in many ways.

The champion’s true power is unleashed when you use the Runes in a streamlined fashion. You might have to learn which Runes are better suited for which champion to unlock its true potential. Don’t worry if you have been using Runes Reforged Patch extensively because many of the old Runes are still there in the recent patch of Rune Pages and you might have to learn a bit more.

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As far as changes are concerned the most prominent change in the Rune Reforged system is that you could change the Runes during the selection pages of the champion provided that you have purchased at least one Rune Page from the League of Legends Store.

Knowing how the Rune combinations work will give you an upper edge in dealing with your opponents.

Benefits of More Rune Pages

Actually having multiple pages could have both advantages and disadvantages. As far as the advantage part is concerned you can have less time spent on preparing time because you have already a page made for the specific champion you have decided to go with. It no more requires you to worry on that part of preparing for choices like champion selection or summoner spell selection and even in the pre-game discussion with the team that you are in.

On the flip side, as far as, disadvantages are concerned, if you have too many Rune pages then it might become quite intimidating and jumbled up. That in turn instead of helping you would rather consume more prep time as you might be spending more time selecting a Rune Page out of the whole bunch. However, you can solve this problem by naming the Rune Pages properly. Then it might be of great help to choose from the given set of Rune Pages rather easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Limit of number of Rune Pages

You can have at most 25 Rune Pages for yourself at max. that is the highest number that you can buy from the League of Legends Store. However, this does not include the 5 preset Pages that you are provided with in the start of the game. That takes the total number to 30. That number is of 30 Rune Pages are rather adequate as on an average players only use 4 to 10 Pages. And a highly skilled player might just need one. Although you will be required to save ample RP or BE if you want to purchase a number of Rune Pages.

How many Rune Pages should I go for?

Actually, it depends on your familiarity with the combinations of the Rune Pages for all the Champions. If you are familiar then you do not require more than one Page! Surprised? The Runes can be edited during the selection of the champion. More than one Rune pages are required for those players who require more time in the different parts of the champions select phases. The more experience you gain the more familiar you will get with the champs select phases.


This post was to make you familiar with the fact that Rune Pages can you help you get an edge in your game and help you win. They also make it faster to go through the champion select phases. If you are not into the Rune Pages then you can work on it to enhance your gaming. Thank you for visiting us, happy gaming😊!

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