How to Show Ping & FPS in League of Legends

League of Legends: A Guide on How to Show Ping and FPS
how to show fps and ping in league of legends

There are quite a few great interface options available to us. Thanks to Riot for that. It has made our gaming experience a tad easier. You can find these options in the settings tab. And if you are looking for options as to how to show ping in League of Legends then you are at the right place. In this guide, we would like to tell you how to check ping in League of legends. So, to begin with, let us first find out what is a ping..

So, what is this ping?

Generally speaking, a ping or ms tells you about how long does it take data or a packet of information to travel from your PC to a server, in our case it is the server of the Riot Games and then returns back to you. So, the nice number is 80. That is, if your ping is 80 or less everything will be fine, however, anything more than 80 will cause the game to lag a bit or be buggy. 

What effects your ping?

The distance of the server from your PC is one of the factors that affect your speed. Suppose you are in France but the server is in US you will have a laggy experience. Sometimes the internet service provider speed is not too quick. Even then you will experience a high ping. Even weather could stand as a hindrance causing high ping.

How to Show Pings in League of Legends

So, here we are finally. If you want to display then it is quite simple to do so! All you have to do is press Ctrl+F on the keyboard and that should show up the ping. If in any case it doesn’t show up then you can try this:

  1. Press ESC to display the options menu
  2. Locate the Hotkeys menu and scroll down to the Display settings. After you have found the display settings, click the + button, and some options will come up. In those options, there will be a “Toggle FPS Display” option.
  3. After that, you can input a shortcut key so that you can either see the ping or hide it from the display. 
  4. Then close the settings tab and click the shortcut key you inserted.
check ping ms in league

If after enabling the setting not displaying the ping and fps indicator, it might be hide in the background. For this press Ctrl + F to make it appear on the background of the game.

In general, you can do so before you begin a match.

How to Improve Ping in LOL

If you’re looking for LOL ping reducer then here are the following ways to improve your ping:

  • Subscribe to a better internet provider 
  • Or go for a better monthly plan 
  • Pause all downloads and tasks that use the internet
  • Change to a regional server 
  • Make a reset on your PC or network
  • If you are playing on a Laptop make sure you are not too far from the router
  • Check the weather if it’s ok. Having bad weather might cause you to have a big ping.


If you are having a bad experience in the game the reason might be a high ping. You can find the ping anytime and improve your experience altogether by improving your ping. Hope we could sort your problem. Come back for more and happy gaming! 

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