MapleStory 2 Tier List Characters From Best Classes

Here's the Tier List for MapleStory 2 Characters. You'll find the best classes of the game that would help you to choose your warrior
MapleStory 2 Class Tier List

If you are looking for the best tier in Maple Story 2 then you are at the right place. Here we provide you the MapleStory 2 class tier list with all details along with the characters associated with them.

Maple story 2 or MS2 is interesting and with highly creative expressions. It is quite unique in its aesthetics as well. It is an MMORPG 3d game with a voxel-based environment. It is developed by the square in association with Nexon and NCSoft and was first launched in Korea.

Class Tiers Description

  • S+ – Best characters are found in this tier
  • S – Strong but slightly less powered characters are found in it
  • A – Well balanced characters, good for casual players
  • C – Not possible for doing good DPS/Heals etc. the least powerful of all

MapleStory 2 Tier List

MapleStory 2 Tier List

S+ Tier


It has one of the highest melee DPS i.e. Damage per Second. And this character is undoubtedly the best of the line. During boss fights, you must take care of its melee nature otherwise you might run into trouble. Otherwise, everything is top-notch about this character including solo gameplay.

  • Weapons: 2H Sword
  • Best For: STR, Physical Damage, STR
  • Properties: Dark & Physical

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Heavy Gunner

This character is the king in ranged characters. If you like to fight from a distance this is your best character in the entire game. The DPS is great in this character as well. The gear of this character is the best in the entire game.

As this character deals in ranged type attack it deals a good damage to boss and is a great character to tackle boss.

Don’t worry if you are new or a beginner level player. You can handle this character rather well.

  • Weapons: Cannon
  • Best For: DEX, Physical Damage
  • Properties: Lightning, Fire& Physical

S Tier


This character is having a mix of both melee and ranged DPS. This character use fire, ice and lightning to destroy enemies. it has a great mobility as well.

This character follows the legendary order of Terrune Calibre who’s trained in Sword and Sorcery.

  • Weapons: 2H Blade
  • Best For: STR, INT
  • Properties: Fire, Frost & Lightning


This player is another top of the line character in the S Tier. This character does extremely well in Both Player-vs-Environment (PvE) and player-vs-player (PvP).

The Wizard has a great AOE and it has teleport abilities as well. This character is undoubtedly one of the best beginner classes in MS2.

  • Weapons: Staff
  • Best For: INT & Magical Attack
  • Properties: Fire, Frost & Lightning

A Tier


This character has a melee DPS in the A Tier. It uses luck stats for increased damage to opponents. It has critical strike capabilities.

Strike from the shadow with lethal precision and Assasin is best for the long-range fights as he uses the thrown weapons.

  • Weapons: 1H Thrown Weapons
  • Best For: LUK & Critical damage
  • Properties: Shadow & Physical


This character is meant for support roles. It heals pretty fast and helps in buffing your allies and, at the same time, de-buffing enemies. This character, however, is good for group attacks rather than solo.

  • Weapons: Scepter & Codex
  • Best For: INT & Healing
  • Properties: Holy

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This character is melee as well and is a quite decent at that. This character has a better survivability or tank than many others. This character has one of the best defensive properties, however, it doesn’t do much damage.

For PvP it is a top choice in MS2. This is one character stands out in terms of survivability and is great for beginners who wish to learn the nuances of the game.

  • Weapons: 1H Sword
  • Best For: STR, DEF & Full Defense
  • Properties: Holy & Physical


It might appear to be difficult to play with this character but it has an awesome DPS. The thief could be a bit different for you as compared to other classes but has a kind heart with a cunning mind.

  • Weapons: 1H Daggers
  • Best For: Speed Evasion, LUK & Movement Speed
  • Properties: Toxic & Physical

Soul Binder

It is one best caster that has a mix of damage-causing abilities and defensive capabilities as well. Staying alive is its domain. She has some great ancient power that she learned from spending life in Halo Mountains.

  • Weapons: 2H Orb
  • Best For: Magic Attack & INT
  • Properties: N/A


It is one of the newest characters that is been added. It is in A Tier but easily comparable with those of S Tier characters.

  • Weapons: 2H Knuckles
  • Best For: DEX & Physical Attack
  • Properties: Fire & Physical

C Tier


This character is ranged. So, if you are a continuously moving type of warrior you can do with it but archer is not the best, in fact, it comes in the bottom of the list of characters. Archer is a good character for the long-range battles

  • Weapons: Bow
  • Best For: Critical Hit, DEX & Attack Speed
  • Properties: Ice, Fire & Physical


It is good to know the characters beforehand and then jump in for a raid. This post was meant to give you the idea of the characters in a tier wise break up and hope we have been able to do it.

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