Best Mass Effect 3 Mods You Must Try!

Here's the list of some of the best mods for Mass Effect 3 that you must try once!
best mass effect 3 mods

Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 has had controversial and intriguing endings which have led to the gamers being frustrated with the publisher, Electronic Arts. This is a classic RPG game that is going to leave its legacy behind by being the best RPG game ever. This game is almost 7 years old and there have been a lot of mods that came and went. Some of them stayed in the minds of the players forever. 15 of the most popular mods of mass effect 3 are:


This mod has re-textured everything from commanding shepherds to weapons, to companions, and armour. It was first released in 2015 but keeps getting updated and it always stays. Everything on this mod is perfect and detailed. It is immersion friendly and looks super cool.

Expanded Galaxy Mod

This introduces missions, cut content, and has the widest range of customizable options. This is the most ambitious mod of mass effect 3 and has an impressive number of choices. There are new weapons and this mod is new and fresh.

Alliance Warpack

This is an eight-armour set of Ashley, Kaidan, James, and EDI which makes it one of the most amazing and exciting mods ever to be introduced. The sets are stylish with a perfect balance of bulky and sleek. This mod works only when you have EGM installed.

Bonus Power Pack Mod

This adds ten new multiplayer powers to the commanding shepherd’s powers and provides new and exciting content which needs to be explored at least once in this game.

Single player Native Controller

If you have always played in a single-player or on your console, this is the perfect mod for you. it will switch the UI to console-style and is designed for single players and provides functionality.

Tali Full Face Mod

Tali is a character who is amazing and has been one of the best characters in this game. There is so much depth in her and you can see it all without ever seeing her face. This mod allows you to have a view of her fully animated face even though she wears a helmet and this will help you see your favourite.

Casual Jack Mod

Jack has had one of the best character growths in the season and this mod changes her outfits. It is more of a biker style now and helps you see the better versions of her outfit.

Aria T’Loak Outfit for Dr. Liara T’Soni

Aria T’loak is one of the best-dressed characters in this game and this mod changes that and gives her one of the best dressing senses in the whole of the series.

Shorter Dreams Mod

This mod makes sure that you don’t see the dream sequences in the game which the players might find cringe and allows you to skip to the final part.

Better Dreams

This mod replaces your dreams with something more vivid and detailed, and you can have flashbacks of emotional and horrific scenes for the series. This is lore-friendly and could be checked out if you like such cut-scenes.

ELE Default FEMSHEP Replacer

This is a redefined mod that looks like the female shepherd and doesn’t do a lot of changes with her looks. This is good as everyone likes the classic mods.

New Hairs DLC

This mod provides a lot of hairstyles for both male and female shepherds. There are a lot of options for you to choose from.

Tank Top & THE Jacket

These are some of the casual outfits in this mod for the shepherd and are lore-friendly and provide a good texture and style. You will look casual and fun.

Aliens Mod Pack

This mod retextured the models of all the aliens in this game. They are just the added details and look extremely cool and sassy. It won’t change your game, and will only add minor changes.

So this was epic list of best mods that you can try in Mass Effect 3. Let us know which one you liked the most and if you know about any other mod, feel free to share with us. 🙂

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