How to do Decryption in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Learn How decryption works in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and how you can decrypt it to another level.
How decryption works in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

To unlock small doors and crates, you need to use the decryption mini-game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition that includes solving a puzzle. You can get your hand on these unique resources once you finish these puzzles. You can even utilize better equipment and find new characters. This decryption mini-game is simple and easy and not too complicated. But you need to collaborate with someone of higher rank than you just to slide you over the exit easily. 

The decryption mini-game is shown only in the first part of the trilogy of the legendary edition games. 

How to do Decryption in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

When you come in contact with a closed-door or crate, you will find a decrypt symbol nearby, if your decryption level matches the level decryption that is present on the door or crate you will be able to unlock the door or crate easily. 

When you overuse your system then the mini-game pop-up will appear and you need to reach a certain level to play the mini-game. If you reach up to the console then the game you intend to play is the Simon Says game. These mini-games are rather simple and easy, you just have to match various symbols and buttons to win. If you mess this up then your decryption fails too. 

If you make use of the system instead of your smartphone then the mini-game includes a small blue triangle that you have to control. You have to make it up to the center by moving the orange blocks and rotating the red blocks though the center. If you disturb the red block you have to restart your game from the beginning, doing this will lead you into a time-out and exhaust your system further. 

The level of difficulty will depend on the skill of the player regarding decryption and electronics in general. You will not be able to decrypt things if you do not know. High level decryption requires higher knowledge about electronics. 

How to Increase Decryption Level

Every decryption access port has a security check level that can be associated with skill. You will have to have higher skill in order to decrypt doors and crates that are of higher level. If not, you will be denied of the access by displaying a message that says the level of decryption is low. You can improve this skill by leveling up with the help of the member of your team that possesses the highest decryption skill. In this way, you will be granted access to the door. You can or not switch the members of your team for this task. 

The party members who possess the highest of the decryption skill include either Maidan, Garrus, or Tali’Zorah. Shepard can only use the decryption skill in case of an infiltrator, Engineer, or sentinel. 

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