Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft 2023

Now take down mobs from long distance with Bow using these enchantments.
The best bow enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft being a competitive game requires the use of bows and arrows a lot. You can use them to kill the mob and scare off your enemies, and they even let you target your opponents from a safe distance. They are a fun weapon to play around with and are one of the most common tools every player wants to own. To get the most out of your bow, you can try putting enchantments on it and avail of its benefits. 

Best Enchantments in Minecraft

The best bow enchantments which you can consider and try using on your bows are:


It is a type of enchantment that can make your bow vanish once you die. It might seem a little weird considering you won’t be able to retrieve your weapon back, but this enchantment is quite useful.

  • It prevents your enemies from taking your weapons and using them to their needs.
  •  It is a good strategy if you want to play in a PvP scenario. 
  • You can get this enchantment by fishing out of the water, talking and trading with the villagers, or find chests in the Minecraft world and get lucky. 
  • Although this enchantment might seem useful, it isn’t necessarily the top priority.


When you hit a hostile enemy with your bow and arrow, this enchantment will allow you to set that particular opponent on fire. Apart from providing arrowhead damage, your enemies will also receive fire damage making it one of the greatest enchantments in the game.

  •  It works as a great supportive feature and causes fire damage of two hearts over five seconds which is feasible.
  •  As you don’t want your enemies running away. If you combine this enchantment with power enchantment, you can surely scare the mob off.


You can strike and damage your enemy from a far-off location making it a great knockback enchantment. This enchantment is particularly used to cause hurdles for your enemies and make them fall into a hole or something while chasing them. 

  • It will slow them down significantly. It will increase your knockback by 3 blocks per level making it a terrific bow enchantment and causing severe damage to the health of the opponents.
  •  If you are playing against another player, this enchantment will be easy for you to escape.
  •  In the single-player mode, you can push the zombies back. 
  • Although chasing an enemy with this enchantment is going to be tough, as it will push them away, defeating the whole purpose. 


This enchantment goes up to 5 levels and can increase the damage your arrows can cause. A power level 5 can yield 23 heart damage when fully charged and shot and when your bow comes without this enchantment, damage of only 9 hearts is incurred.

  •  You can have a significant killing impact if you end up combining power enchantment with infinity and flame.
  •  The only way to obtain this enchantment is through the enchantment table in levels 1-4 and, to grab the level 5 enchantment, you have to use the anvil.


This enchantment is used to make your bows last longer and be more durable than usual. Although it doesn’t work the same way mending does, it sure is a powerful enchantment. 

  • This enchantment allows you to shoot over 6000 arrows before it wears off and breaks. 
  • You can combine this with infinity and be a killing machine in Minecraft.
  •  A bow without enchantment can shoot only 365+ arrows thus, this is an amazing alternative.


You need to have one arrow in your inventory and this enchantment will allow you to shoot up to infinity arrows with it. It is the best enchantment alongside mending making it a tough choice for the players to choose one as you can’t combine both. 

  • You can try combining infinity with unbreaking and have 60,000+ arrows at your disposal. Although this is a strong enchantment.
  •  it isn’t as strong as mending because the bow cannot repair itself. It is a useful enchantment if you are playing in multiplayer mode.


One of the strongest and the most sought-out enchantments, mending allows your bow to repair itself. If you have this enchantment on, the second you kill a mob or an enemy, their collected experience orb or XP will be used up to repair your bow.

  •  It saves up a lot of resources, and you can skip the building anvil and go to the base part because of it. 
  • The saved time can help you do more missions and tasks.

Hopefully you got some of the enchantments for Bow in Minecraft, make sure to share your experience while using any of these enchantments.

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