10 Minecraft Bedrock Edition Servers

Minecraft: A Guide for Best servers in the Bedrock Edition
minecraft bedrock edition servers

Similar to the PC based Java Edition, Minecraft Bedrock edition too has its own set of exclusive servers. The Bedrock version is designed to run on consoles. There are numerous servers and excellent player communities. If you are looking for the best of them then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we deal with the best servers in Minecraft Bedrock. We rank them as per the popularity of the servers, their unique features, replayability, and enjoyment provided. So here we go…

Broken Lens

This server of Broken lens is one of the most popular servers in entire list. The server registers hundreds of players at any given moment. There are multiple popular game modes such as Survival, Spleef, SkyWars, and HideAndSeek, to enumerate a few.

IP: play.brlns.net:2000


The ECPE has one of the longest standing Faction modes in all the servers. It is been going strong for years now. OP Factions, Classic Factions, and SkyBlock are some of the game modes which are included in it. It has a highly competitive player base and few of the main features include the Shop and Claim system.

IP: ecpehub.net:19132


This server is meant for those who have the survival instincts in them. The Euphoria Prison, for example, comes loaded with a variety of new features and are continually being updated. This ensures players keep coming back here for more of fun.

IP: MC.EuphoriaNetwork.net


This server of FallenTech ventures out to showcase some quality minigames and game modes, and the server runs on its full capacity most of the times. The PvP mode, SkyBlock and Factions are great and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

IP: play.fallentech.io:19132


It is inspired from Grand Theft Auto games franchise. It is PvP based and the fun part is you are free to choose between the options of being the cop or the gangster. If you choose to be the gangster and you manage to get the most kills then you would be the most wanted player and your pictures will hang around everywhere along with high bounty rewards.

IP: grandtheft.mcpe.me:19132


This server is considered by many as the best server in the Bedrock Edition. It has many minigames and it offers game modes such as SkyWars, TheBridge, Duels, Bedwars, and PotPvP. This server is immensely popular if go by the number of players added to it.

IP: play.hyperlandsmc.net:19132


This server is a server which is SkyBlock based. In this one you can create your own island, customize it, upgrade it and mine it. Speaking more of it, the server is heavily modded and it results in quite nice Minecraft experience. One more thing about this server is that the players are not punished in PvP mode in fact they are rewarded.

IP: play.legendsmc.net


This server is a community-based server and is quite friendly. It offers Creative Plots, Duels, Factions, Bedwars and Murder Mystery. As many as 20,000 players can ve seen on this server on daily basis and this makes it quite a popular server.

IP: lobby.nethergames.org:19132

Versai PvP

This is quite easy to guess that this server is based on PvP mode and it supports and sustains an active community of competitive players. And the traffic is quite healthy in this server. Also, Versai offers a free-for-all mode with an incredible and cool arenas.

IP: versai.tk


We have tried to find out the most competitive servers and these are the best servers in our opinion. If you want to suggest something you are most welcome. Hope we could help you gain a lot of information from this post. Thanks coming here. Happy gaming!

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