Best Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft

Check out some top of the Pixelmon servers that you must join.
Best Minecraft Pixelmon server

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among youngsters these days. Not only kids or teenagers play it, but a lot of gamers choose Minecraft to be their streaming option. It is an interesting and challenging game that is fun to showcase to the world. The game works with the breaking and joining blocks to create your three-dimensional world. 

The game is divided into survival and creative mode. In the survival mode, the players have to find their food and raw materials to build houses and survive. Whereas, in creative, there’s no need for food and they can go around breaking blocks like nothing. The game is simply for building and recreating your world with your imagination. The game offers you to play alone or multiplayer along with people all over the world with whom you can connect. It is available on your phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Minecraft requires you to join a server and then play. Now, this game comes with a lot of modpacks developed by companies under Minecraft and you can choose your favorite to begin with. Server is a huge online space created by companies collaborating with Minecraft. It allows you to have various small games under the main Minecraft game with a theme. There is a vast custom-crafted world where you can hang out with players from all over the world in the waiting lobby. You can interact, chat, and make friends.

10 Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers

When it comes to servers, nothing can beat Pixelmon. It is the most popular and staple modpack for gamers as it allows them to dive into the beautiful world of Pokémon while exploring the Minecraft gaming league. The whole world in this server is based on the Pokémon series and you can visit shops to buy Pokémon related stuff, or catch Pokémon’s, or even collect badges and unique gifts throughout.

It is an intriguing and well-developed game. It is the whole Pokémon series in Minecraft and what is a better way to live your childhood in your favorite video game? You can find Pokémon’s ranging from Charmander to Arceus and all of them are cute, little blocks. The Pokémon’s are all water-type, grass-type, fire-type and it wouldn’t even feel like you’re in a game. You will have a starter Pokémon and after that, you can go around collecting it from the gym, shop, etc. around the world. 

pixelmon minecraft server
Minecraft Pixelmon

Most people prefer this modpack because Pokémon is something they are familiar with for a very long time. This allows them to have a gaming experience in which they can master. This server is split into two with PixelmonCraft which is your Kanto and Johto region. The fun part of this game is that the Pokémon shops are called Pokemarts. The developers have tried to inculcate the whole Pokémon world into it and give you an experience of a lifetime. There’s a lot of pixelmon servers available inside the main servers which provide a different kind of gameplay and experience. Some of them are described below out of which you can choose any to have a great Pokémon gaming experience:

Complex Gaming

Complex gaming is a little similar to Hypixel. It has a lot of gaming options for you to choose from and you can have a diverse experience here. There is the FTB and survival world to choose from and you can have your fun playing in either of those. The best part about this server is that there are a lot of original Pokémon games on this server which can make you feel a little nostalgic while being competitive. Classic games like Pokemon Emerald with the latest Minecraft technology are what this world offers and who wouldn’t want to relive those good old days?


One of the best designed and best-accustomed worlds, Pokecentral allows you to choose from a variety of remade stories derived from the original games. You can find worlds of ruby, gold, sapphire, emerald just like in the classic original games. This server is exquisite with its beautiful landscape and amazing visuals of cities and skies. You wouldn’t feel like you’re in a game, it looks so beautiful.

Blaze MC

It is both a Pokémon as well as a vanilla Minecraft server but the best games are offered in its Pokémon typed server only. There is a community for each world and has a lot of gyms and cities for you to explore.

The destiny MC

This server has a lot of games to choose from other than pixelmon. It features towny, prison and skyblock. The best part is that it has got both modded and unmodded servers.

Pixelmon Realms

The server has a small community to keep it secure and for its easy functioning. It works on ruby and sapphire gameplay. You can explore and build here.


This has three regions to play on that is breeze, oasis, and sunset. It has over 800 Pokémon’s to catch and play with. It is one of the best servers in terms of merging Pokémon and Minecraft and is quite successful in doing so.


It is a small server and is designed mostly to provide a Pokémon type gameplay. It has a lot of plugins to keep problematic users out and provide a safe gaming zone. The server is rapidly growing and here people can build homes and join year-long happening events.


The server has four playing zones called hearts, spades, club and diamonds. The server has a PokeBuilder with which you can customize your Pokémon’s. You can build houses and gyms throughout.


This is the smallest server in which you choose between Pokemon red and blue. It is entirely based on Pixelmon but the developers have done a great job in providing an inclusive experience. 

 Limitless MC

The server allows its players to play survival Minecraft with their Pokémon. It has a very straightforward approach and includes faction and land-claiming system like Magma and Aqua.

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