Top 10 Best Minecraft Servers List 2023

Here is best Minecraft Servers list that we suggest you must join with your friends!
Best Minecraft Servers

Minecraft – Top Ten Servers in the World: The most interesting part of Minecraft is that you don’t have any specific set of rules in this game. It is entirely up to you how to play the game. However, you do have a system that helps you grow or advance. It is called ‘advancements’ in the game, the game that has been developed in Java.

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game. The Gameplay in it by default is in the first-person perspective, but you can have a third-person perspective as an option as well. The game-world is infinite and is procedurally generated by using a map seed that is obtained from either the system clock or manually by the player, at the time of world creation.

The vertical movement is limited, but an infinite horizontal plane is possible in the game. However, maybe because of technical issues, a barrier is made in the game whenever the player reaches 30,000,000 blocks from the center. Preventing the player to reach beyond this barrier. This is a multiplayer game and is played on servers. However, if you specifically want the best servers for Minecraft Bedrock edition we have a separate list for that as well.


This game is essentially played on more than a few servers. The list of the servers is in the following:

  1. Mineplex
  2. Brawl
  3. Grand Theft Minecart
  4. Minescape
  5. Minewind
  6. PixelmonCraft
  7. Zero.Minr
  8. PirateCraft
  9. Hypixel
  10. Desteria
  11. Minecraft Middle Earth
  12. Ranch n Craft
  13. WesterosCraft
  14. The Mining Dead
  15. HiveMC
  16. The Archon
  17. Manacube

Everything that is being played on Minecraft happens within thousands of servers worldwide and the above list is the one with top ranking servers in the world for Minecraft. These have breathtaking vistas and have their own set of rules and gaming modes.

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Join a Minecraft Server

Start the game and click on ‘Multiplayer’. After that ‘Add a server’. In this ‘Add a server‘ type-in the IP address and name of the server you like from the list. And click on ‘Done’ after you type-in the I address. Finally, click on ‘Join Server’ and you will be joining in the server of your choice.

The top ten Servers in detail

10. Desteria


Server: Minecraft faction server

The level and the class systems make it one of the best Minecraft servers in the whole lot. The depth of this RPG makes it such a hit among players which can be seen as borrowed from the Runescape’s levelling system. It becomes a great and varied PvP game because of its depth. It has a rich selection of factions and four classes adding to the engrossing experience.



Server: Minecraft skyblock server

This server hosts many mini games under it such as cops and crimes, duels, murder mysteries, etc. the variety is quite mind blowing in here. This variety itself is responsible for great fun in the game.



Server: Minecraft RPG server

This server boasts full ship to ship combat possibility. Sail and build and plunder as well in Piratecraft. It is a highly ambitious server one can think of. Although it is a bit clunky but it still works. In this server you can build ships and mount cannons and not only that, but also fire them at enemy ships.



Server: Minecraft parkour server

This server is a parkour server and is filled with many challenging maps. Inhere killing and crafting are being replaced with climbing and running a complicated set of paths and towers.


IP: or

Server: Minecraft RPG server

You can say that this is a Pokémon themed Pixelmon mod and is multiplayer as well. This one is split up into two servers and is based on two regions of Kanto and Johto from the not so distant past game – The Nintendo games. In this game the long grass can be avoided, as you might have already guessed. Animals in Minecraft are being replaced by Pokémon. These Pokémon can be caught and used in battles.there are even Pokémarts to shop in and Gym leaders to fight. Much of the Gameplay has been replicated in it.



Server: Minecraft survival server

It is not a pleasant experience type game in Minewind server, rather it is ahrdcore playground for deception, player killing, etc. your job is to survive as long as  possible amongst endless Minecraft mobs, killers and double crossers.



Server: Minecraft RPG server

It is an RPG server and you can level your skills up to 99 in Minecraft. It is designed to have the similar look and feel of the coolest free MMOs despite being a sandbox game. All the locations, mobs and skills have been reproduced in this game from Runescape (Runescape has inspired Minescape) and tremendous effort has been made to do so in the last two years or so. 

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Server: Minecraft survival server

Two of the biggest PC games are brought together in Grand Theft Minecart. This server is one of the best places to be in. You can own houses in here, shoot weapons, and evade policemen – the recreation of the GTA is mind blowing in this Sandbox type game.



Server: Minecraft battle

If you are some bang-bang boom -boom loving guy then this Minecraft server, BRAWL, is the place to be in. This server is full of action. You favourite FPS modes could well be featured. Capture the Flag to Last Man Standing name it and you have it in this Server.  


IP: or

Server: Minecraft Survival Server

Mineplex is one of the best Minecraft Servers. And it is one of the largest Minecraft servers in place as well. Mineplex contains multiple arenas and zones for an enormous number of game types, this server is undoubtedly most liked server and is populated by thousands of players at any given time.

When you see it Mineplex feels like developed in studio with splendid details making it one of the best Minecraft servers. The staff is pretty dedicated round the clock, for round the clock traffic of players on this server.

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If you are looking forward to play Minekart then Mineplex is the place for it. Minecart is nothing, but blocks-based recreation of Mario Kart. In Minekart the power-ups, tracks, and karting without karts are recreated and is a nice change from other violent type games.


It is entirely up to you which server you would like to join, but it is going to be a lot of fun from these top of the line servers. Mineplex is our favorite of the lot so if you like please try it out.

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