Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

Check out some top of the line swords enchantments in Minecraft.
best swords enchantments in minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft then by now you might have realized that you can probably use anything as a weapon in the game. You can use the fishing rod to kill a mob or may be just by punching it. However, killing the mobs by using blocks may work but that is not the exact way of playing the game.

There are specific blocks to hit a mob and kill them. The pickaxe, axe even a hoe can decimate a monster. But the sword tops the list in its ability to destroy monsters. In this post, we are going to talk about the Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft.

The best among the lot of swords is the Diamond sword. Even without Enchantment it can be used for 1562 times in total without breaking. It causes a damage of 7 HP damage to mobs and it is one of the highest figures in the whole game that it has got.

Enchantments can further enhance its durability also you can repair it on the Anvil for the same cause.

Best Sword Enchantments

Essentially there are three reasons among others that why you should enchant your sword.

First reason is, the weapon’s usefulness increases in many situations depending upon the enchantment that you have got for your sword.

Second, it makes the chances of receiving damage from the mobs reduced as you can kill the mobs more efficiently.

Lastly, but never the least, you can fight the biggest mobs with the enchantments.

So, check these enchantments in Minecraft for the swords:

  1. Curse of Vanishing I
  2. Bane of Arthropods V
  3. Sweeping Edge III
  4. Fire Aspect II
  5. Smite V
  6. Knockback II
  7. Sharpness V
  8. Looting III
  9. Unbreaking III
  10. Mending

Curse of Vanishing

This Enchantment makes an item disappear when the player wielding it dies in the game. The items with this enchantment vanishes instead of dropping after death in the game.

The good part of this enchantment is that your enemies cannot get your items if you are in a PvP server. However, this enchantment might not be of any use in Survival.

Bane of Arthropods

This Enchantment of Bane of Arthropods is great for killing the ‘anthropods’ mobs effectively in the game. These mobs are mostly spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, or endermites. If you have an XP farm with you then the spiders and cave spider monsters may spawn and you can kill these easily with this Enchantment on. On The End you may find endermites while silverfish can be seen spawning in the Strongholds.

Sweeping Edge

If you want enhancement in your sweep attacks then the Enchantment of Sweeping Edge odes provide you additional damage. Of course it is a bit situational in nature. Actually sweep attacks are those attacks which happen when you attack while in the standing position and the recharge meter is more than 84.8%.

This Enchantment, however, is available only in the Java Version of the game.

Fire Aspect

This Enchantment of Fire Aspect is quite an interesting one in the game. This one can be apoplied to swords only and while this enchantment is on you can set your target on fire. You can kill animal mobs with this sword and save on fuel resources as the animal mobs are killed and instantly cooked as well. But be careful as you can set yourself on fire if you are not careful while attacking other than animal mobs, say other players or hostile mobs.

Nether mobs wouldn’t have the effect of this enchantment but it it will still work against skeletons and endermen in the Overworld.

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If you are planning to fight with Wither then you might need a sword with the Enchantment Smite. Smite helps you fight with undead skeletons and zombies with increased damage.

This enchantment is great if you have XP farms with skeletons and zombies.

Also, if you have a multipurpose sword which can deal with other than undead skeletons and zombies then you can consider the Enchantment Sharpness.


This Enchantment of Knockback can only be used in swords. Up to three additional blocks are added to the Knockback base. The use of this enchantment is profound particularly when you are surrounded by a horde of mobs and you need some space to survive. However, in PvP you might not find it useful as it gives space to the enemy to escape your attack.


This Enchantment of Sharpness is applicable to both swords and Axes. The melee attacks increase by 1.25 damage per level. However, only golden books and tools can get Sharpness V by using an Enchantment table. If you have one then you can combine the weapon with a Sharpness V book using the Anvil.


Looting is the similar to the Fortune Enchantment which you can use with pickaxes and shovels. But unlike mining, looting can add the number of drops from the mobs killed by players and the XP orbs wouldn’t be affected.

The benefit of looting is that it not only increases the drops of items from the mobs, but also it raises the chances of dropping rare items.

This enchantment of looting can be most helpful when you are looking for rare items such as the eye of the ender or wither skeleton skulls.


Tis Enchantment of Unbreaking is probably the most important of all enchantments. This enchantment helps your weapons to last. The interesting part is that it can be used with tools such as shears, fishing rod, armors, and weapons.

For each item usage chances are that the durability wouldn’t decrease. And the chance of happening the same are at 100+ (level+1).

However, the weapons are only prolonged and not necessarily damage resistant.


Many people consider the Enchantment Mending as the best one in the game. The reason for so is that it helps in the longevity of items in the long run. Essentially what it does is that it restores durability by using XP Orbs. If you have XPs farms, then you can repair all of your items that have this enchantment as per your convenience.

However, this wouldn’t work with arrows that have infinity enchantment.


Enchantments are not a must but if you see at what these can do for you then you might differ with that notion of not a must. In this post we have listed some of the best Enchantment in the game. Hope you liked it and we could serve your purpose a bit. Thank you and happy gaming!

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