How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft

How Can you get engaged with the Turtles In Minecraft?
How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft

When Minecraft bedrock was released, the cross-play was something that excited the gamers to their core. That was the non-java edition of Minecraft which was quite different from their usual gameplay and was taken up by the gamers warmly.

Bedrock edition introduced around 3000 fishes which excited the players and foreshadowed how amazing opportunities lie ahead of them. The new species of fishes included bubble columns, drowned zombies, and sea turtles. While capturing and adding certain fishes to your collection was one thing, the bedrock version offered way more. This allowed the players to breed and grow their sea turtles and can have them as pets which was a very cool thing to happen.

There is a particular way that is required when it comes to breeding turtles. The first thing is to locate and find the sea turtles. Sea turtles usually spawn in the overworld on beaches and not around stone shores in cold weather.

You might spot them in a group, and some will even have small baby turtles which you can capture and breed. The two major things you need to breed a turtle are two turtles of the same species and two seagrasses. Without these, you can’t breed them.

How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft

STEP 1: The first step in the breeding of the turtle is to find two fully grown sea turtles of the same species which you can locate in the beach biome quite easily. You can spot them swimming or walking alongside the sea. You have to take those two turtles to a hole dug in the ground, and then incentivize them for them to breed. You can always use cheat codes to capture the turtles but, it’s fairer to go along the steps of the game to catch them.

STEP 2: Now, the second step is acquiring the seagrass, which you can do with the help of shears. You can get one using two iron ingots, which are made out of iron ore, and that you can get by mining near a mountain. You need to get two iron ores to make two ingots. You have to add coal to this iron ore at a furnace to create the ingot. After doing this, proceed to the crafting menu and place the iron ores in the second box in the top row and the first box of the second middle row respectively. After this, craft the shear.

  • STEP 3: You have to use the crafted shear to obtain the seagrass now. You can do this by swimming underwater of the biome where you will find seagrass at the shoreline. Then use this shear by holding it in your hand, just like any other weapon in Minecraft, and get two seagrasses.
  • STEP 4: After you have the seagrasses, you have to go back to the dug hole and feed the sea turtles this seagrass. You can find that the seagrasses will be registered in the hot bar. Take it from there, feed them, and see how red hearts start appearing once they eat it. It means that the turtles have entered the love mode and, soon they will lay four eggs on the ground.
  • STEP 5: After this, the baby sea turtles will hatch out from the eggs but this will only happen at nighttime. You have to feed it ten seagrass items for it to grow into an adult.

A few of the things to remember while breeding a sea turtle is that the eggs laid by them are very brittle so, you need to keep it safe from another Minecraft creature so, it doesn’t break. The adult turtles are fully capable of breaking the eggs themselves so, the best way is to keep the eggs hidden and tucked.

Also, sea turtles are calm creatures and don’t fight back, when they are attacked by zombies or other creatures. So, if you are breeding them in bulk and maybe creating a farm, putting defensive measures is a must. They are very slow on the land but extremely fast in the water so breeding them accordingly is a must.

A very important thing to remember while breeding is that an adult sea turtle lays about 1-4 eggs and you will usually see them struggling to go back to their “home” beach after they exit the love mode to lay eggs because hatching and laying of eggs can only happen at the beach where the adult turtle was hatched itself. Also, turtles are quite important in the game.

Other than them being extremely cute and fun to breed, they drop scutes when they grow and, after dropping 5 scutes you can convert it into a turtle shell and wear it underwater to trigger the water breathing perk. You can also get slowness IV and resistance IV by using the turtle potion.

Thus, breeding turtles is a cool and useful way to gain certain items which you can use.

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