How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java

Want to makeover your Minecraft's character? Try out by applying some new skins.
how to add skins to minecraft java

If you are tired of seeing your Minecraft character in the same attire then you might need a new skin for him. In this guide, we’re going to learn how to change your skin in Minecraft Pocket, Java Edition, and Consoles as well. The game comes with a bunch of skins that you can pick for your character and make him look good in the blocky world.

You can change your avatar look within a few seconds from the variety of skins Minecraft has. Some of them are available for free to use while others can be used by purchasing the DLCs. If you want to enhance the graphics, do check out this guide to enable RayTracing in Minecraft and bring the realism in Minecraft

Minecraft is not only the game where you create your imaginary world and do the several activities. But also changing the skin of you avatar can also let express your feeling that if you would’ve living in the blocky world how would you love to look like.

How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

Follow the below steps to try some new skins on your avatar in Minecraft JAVA.

First, you have to choose the skin which you want to apply for your character. You can simply Google Minecraft Skins and from tons of options you can pick any you like and download it.

Once you have one, its time to upload it to your Minecraft account. Simply go to and login with the credentials.

Login to Minecraft Account
Login to Minecraft Account

When entered into your account, look at the top right corner, there you’ll see your profile icon, hover the mouse on it, and select the Profile from the drop-down menu.

Skin Section

On the profile page, go to Skins section.

Minecraft Java gives you the choice between the shape of your skin or you can model type; Classic and Slim. These types also casually known as Steve and Alex respectively.

Skin Model and Shape

As you can see from the above figure, there’s no much difference between these two but one has thin arms and the other has thick arms.

Upload your Skin
Upload your Skin

So after selecting any skin type; Classic or Slim, now you’ll be given an option to upload custom skin. Just upload the skin that you have selected and downloaded on your computer. Once uploading completed, you can open Minecraft the look of your character should have changed.

How to Change Skin in Pocket Edition

The process is also fairly simple and same as the Java edition. Pick up your smartphone donwload any Pocket Edition compatible Minecraft Skin from your SMartphone’s browser.

Then open the Minecraft go to setting and then Skins, now locate the Skin file that you have downloaded. The skin will be applied on your avatar.

For Consoles

Changing the skin in the Minecraft Console version is much easier than compared to the PC and Pocket edition. But there’s one limitation you can’t download the skin from any external source i.e website. Every time you want a new skin for your avatar you have to purachase it from the store with DLC packs.

To change skin, go to Menu and select “Help & Options” then choose the Change Skin option. A page will be loaded with a variety of skin packs you can select from by purchasing it.

Hopefully, you got the way to change the avatar’s skin in Minecraft. Let us know in comments what skin did you choose? also share the screenshot of the game where your avatar in new skin on Twitter don’t forget to mention @CultOfGamer in the tweet. You can also read other Minecraft guides.

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